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10/96 WinTips

Win95 Tips of the Month

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Fastest E-Mail Signature

Back Up the Registry

If you mess with the Registry, make sure you have a good backup first. Fortunately, the Windows 95 CD comes with a free Registry backup utility. Create a folder on your hard drive called Registry Backup, select and copy CFGBACK.EXE (and its help file) in the OTHER\ MISC\CFGBACK\ folder of the Win95 CD, then paste it into the new folder. Create a shortcut to the file for easy access.
By Ryan Powell via the Internet

Easy Desktop Access

There's a new PowerToy in town called DeskView that lets you select any item on your desktop from the Tray (the area in the taskbar where the time is displayed) with a single click. Download DeskView from the WINDOWS Magazine Free Win95 Software page (

Cool CD Shortcut Trick

You probably already know that making shortcuts on your Desktop to diskette, network and CD-ROM drives is an easy way to fast access. But Win95 does something special with shortcuts to the CD-ROM drive: The shortcut icon changes just like the one in My Computer.
By Rick White via the Internet

Information @ Your Fingertips

Here's how to create a shortcut to a specific place in a document. Make sure you can see the Desktop from the open document, then simply drag and drop any part of the document (say, a sentence in a word-processing document or a range of cells in a spreadsheet) to the Desktop using the right mouse button. When you let go, choose Create Document Shortcut Here. When you click on the new shortcut, you'll launch the document and go right to the selected text (and it will still be selected!).

Fast Rename

If you click once on an icon, wait a second and then click again, you'll be able to rename the icon.

Whither ProgMan, FileMan?

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Remember these guys?

We sometimes hear complaints from longtime Windows 3.1x users about the inability of Explorer to open multiple windows as you could with File Manager (the Win95 solution is to open two instances of Explorer). In fact, both Program Manager and File Manager are part of Win95. Both work in Win95 exactly as they did in the previous version of Windows. And both have unique advantages. For example, File Manager is much faster than Explorer. If you miss Program Manager and File Manager, go to the WINDOWS folder and find the files PROGMAN.EXE and WINFILE.EXE. Then, create shortcuts to them on your Desktop.

Quick (and Safe!) View

Quick View lets you look at many documents without actually opening them. One advantage is speed. Another is safety, especially for MS Word documents. If you get in the habit of reading Word documents in Quick View, you'll reduce your chances of contracting one of the many Word viruses.

To enable Quick View for a given file type, you first must have the option installed on your system (if you don't have it, launch the Add/Remove Programs item in the Control Panel, click on the Windows Setup tab and the Accessories item, and then click on the Details button. If Quick View is checked, you've got it. If not, check it!).

Once you're sure it's installed, select the Options item from Explorer's View menu and click on the File Types tab, on the document type you'd like to be able to see in Quick View, and then on the Edit button. Now select Enable Quick View and click on OK twice.

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