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10/96 Superior Shareware

Compiled by David Hafke and Paul Silverman

This shareware (and more, and in some cases, more recent versions) is available online.

ACDSee 95

ACDSee is a fast image viewer with built-in file-management capabilities. It supports .BMP, .GIF, JPEG, .PCX, .TGA and TIFF files as well as many others. The installation gives you the option of automatically associating these file types with ACDSee, so a simple double-click on the image file from Internet Explorer will launch the viewer. It also includes scroll, zoom and slide-show features.

ACD Systems
2201 N. Collins
Suite 230
Arlington, TX 76011

Click here to download this shareware.


EasyCD includes features that are standard on many other audio CD players (random play, track programming, intro play, etc.). But what separates EasyCD from the rest is its ability to download the track list for your CD from the CD Information Database, which can be found on any of several servers on the Internet. If your track list is not in the database, you can enter the list manually and submit it for other cybersurfers to use.

Greg Leichner
GHL Software
1205A Vicente Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Click here to download this shareware.

MS-DOS Prompt Shell Extension

Here’s a convenient utility for those of us who still find the DOS prompt useful. Right-click on any folder (or shortcut to a folder) and choose the MS-DOS prompt; you get a DOS window with that folder as the current directory. Installation couldn’t be simpler; it only requires a single double-click on the program file.

Derek Smith

Click here to download this shareware.


NetColorz32 is a very useful utility for Web authors. To achieve your desired color for an HTML color, you can choose from a full palette or slide three scroll bars (red, green and blue) up and down, and NetColor gives you a hexadecimal representation of your final choice. NetColorz even gives the HTML code for the colors you select for the background, main text, link text, visited link text and active link text.

PolyVision Software
Customer Service
P.O. Box 16074
West Palm Beach, FL  33416-6074

Click here to download this shareware.

QuickView Plus 3.0

Quick View’s "big brother" allows you to call up and print various file formats as if they were being loaded in their native application. It integrates with Netscape Navigator as a plug-in, as well as with America Online and Norton Navigator. Choosing "Open File for Editing" will bring up the file in its native app, or you can pull up the Open With dialog box if there is no file associated with that particular extension.

Inso Corp.
401 N. Wabash, Ste. 600
Chicago, IL 60611

Click here to download this shareware.

Shortcutter for Windows 95

This utility searches your hard disk for shortcuts whose targets have been moved or deleted. If it finds a broken link, it will then attempt to find the correct target. If the target no longer exists, this program will remove the shortcut. It also gives you the option of deleting empty folders and zero-byte files.

Golden Frog Enterprises

Click here to download this shareware.

Superbar 2.0

Superbar allows you to add your own customized toolbar to any Windows application. Create buttons for any menu command, or record your own macro from keystrokes and mouse movements. Buttons may be labeled with text, icons or both. Superbar also includes an icon manager.

$20 + $2 shipping
William J. Wood
P. O. Box 9904
Newport Beach, CA 92658-9904

Click here to download this shareware.

Tell Me 1.0

Get quick answers to common questions with this handy program. Tell Me offers a diverse range of information such as the population and capitals of U.S. cities, zip codes, area codes, 800 numbers for airlines, and even the text of historic documents such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Tell Me is also customizable, so you can add personal info such as phone numbers, fax numbers and birthdays.

Iceberg Software
201 Elden St.
Suite 187
Herndon, VA 22070

Click here to download this shareware.

Visuactive for Windows 95

Visuactive allows you to run macros by drawing figures on-screen with your mouse. Draw by right-clicking and dragging the mouse. For example, draw a "C" to cut text, or sketch an "S" to save your document. Visuactive’s customizability allows you to create different schemes.

The Public Software Library
P.O. Box 35705
Houston, TX 77235-5705

Click here to download this shareware.

WinGate 1.3

WinGate acts like a router between a LAN and the Internet. It enables workstations to gain Internet access from any machine on a LAN through a dial-up networking connection. Install WinGate on a system that will act as the gateway, and configure Internet applications on the workstations to use the gateway as a proxy server. The program includes a comprehensive and informative manual.

1 user, free; 2 users, $50; 5 users, $100; 10 users, $200; unlimited, $300
Qbik Software
P.O. Box 3548
Shortland St.
Auckland, New Zealand

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