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10/96 Reviews SW: Kensington Expert Mouse/MouseWorks

Software Makes This Mouse an Expert

By James E. Powell

You can't beat the convenience of the Windows 95 menus that pop up with a right-mouse click-unless you use a Kensington mouse with the company's new version of its MouseWorks software. In short order, this program can turn an unassuming rodent into a powerhouse critter. Current MouseWorks users can download a free upgrade from, or get a new disk and manual for $19.95.

You can set MouseWorks so that when you click on a button, a predefined string of keystrokes is entered (such as your name and address). A button can also simulate a combination of mouse buttons and keystrokes, such as Shift+ Click. You can also set a button to trigger an action common to Windows apps, such as selecting a word or closing a window.

You can use the software's defaults or one of Kensington's pre-built definition files.

The program lets you set the speed and control of your mouse. You can configure the mouse to move slowly and precisely, jump to a definable hot spot or travel only in a straight line. You get six mouse trail options, and can display a radar-like screen that homes in on your mouse when you've lost track of the cursor. Other convenience features include setting the pointer so it will always snap to the default button in a dialog box, and a pop-up message that reminds you to take a rest from your keyboard.

MouseWorks' excellent interface and context-sensitive help make all this customization a piece of cake, and help you turn your mouse into a true productivity tool.

Info File
Expert Mouse/MouseWorks
Ships with Kensington 2- and 4-button mice; upgrade free via the Web, $19.95 for disks
Pros: Ease of use; features
Cons: Only for Kensington mice
Platforms: Windows 95, 3.1x
Kensington Technology Group
800-535-4242, 415-572-2700
WinMag Box Score: 5.0

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