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10/96 Reviews SW: Timeslips Deluxe 7.0

... These Programs Track Your Profits

By Joel T. Patz

If it's your job to account for every minute of your company's time, you're probably familiar with Timeslips, a program that tracks project-related activities and expenses on "slips," which are tallied on your client's bill.

You can carry over previous activities to new slips and bookmark a slip so you can find it quickly from a drop-down bookmark list. You can customize fields on the slip form with tabs, helping you to skip unused fields quickly, and pop up a calendar on any date field. Each user can add his or her own abbreviations to the standard list. Version 7.0 has added relative date fields in selection dialog boxes.

The Consolidated Project Summary can now show Aged Balances and Client Fund totals. You can suppress printing project totals and just show the client's total at the end of the Consolidated Bill Summary.

The Slip List (for viewing slips) can include slips recently modified or bookmarked, and those where the "timer" is still running. Printing shortcuts have been added. For example, you can print the slip list immediately from the display, a much easier method than was used in version 6.0.

The online documentation is helpful and a tutorial provides a quick overview for new and seasoned users. But setup is complex and may be confusing. The user interface doesn't always make clear what the next step is. But while nothing in version 7.0 is earthshaking, Timeslips' expanded capabilities have made it a more efficient way to monitor your business activities.

Info File
Timeslips Deluxe 7.0
$299.95 (1 to 8 users); $699.95 (3-user network); additional network licenses, $199.95
Pros: Efficiently tracks people, time and expenses
Cons: Not intuitive
Platforms: Windows 95, 3.1x
Timeslips Corp.
800-285-0999, 214-248-9232
WinMag Box Score: 3.0

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