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10/96 Reviews SW: Time & Profit

Minute by Billable Minute ...

By Joel T. Patz

Time & Profit from BytePro makes tracking your business a piece of cake. It handles billable time, scheduling, expenditures, inventory, accounts payable and accounts receivable. In five minutes you'll be billing your time with the best of them.

Start by setting up your business according to one of Time & Profit's four models: General Service Consulting, Legal Office, Accounting Office and Mental Health/Medical Office. Or start from scratch, with a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.

You can set up and maintain an unlimited number of billing rates, jobs, notes and phone numbers for each client. While there is no right-mouse-button support, adding, editing and searching for client information is incredibly intuitive using the buttons at the bottom of the Client Register window.

Maintain a separate schedule by resource with the Calendar function. As you enter appointments, the client is automatically billed. You can also add nonbillable and reimbursable expenses to the calendar, or hold an event for later billing. Activate the stopwatch timer to calculate total time and billing amount; this is particularly useful if you also use the program's autodialer.

The Billing register shows client name and billable time amounts among other fields, letting you drill down to individual amounts, review history, and record payments and adjustments. You can also create invoices and statements, which can be printed on forms or your company letterhead. The program lets you select, but not reposition, the fields you want included in your report, and allows you to issue credit memos for disputed bills.

Record checks and deposits, ATM transactions, account transfers and personnel payroll with the Checkbook module.

With the accounting function, you can assign nine-character account numbers, compare budgets to actuals and import Quicken data. While dozens of reports are possible, the program lacks a custom report writer. And, since there's no scroll bar for this function, you must use the down arrow or page-down key to browse.

Documentation is excellent. Time & Profit's intuitive interface and thoughtful design make it a much friendlier choice than Timeslips (see review ), whose complexity can be challenging.

Info File
Time & Profit
Pros: Ease of use; billing features
Cons: No custom report writer
Platforms: Windows 95, 3.1x
Disk Space:15MB
RAM: 4MB (8MB recommended)
BytePro Corp.
800-713-5322, 714-622-0884
WinMag Box Score: 4.0

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