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10/96 Reviews SW: Norton NT Tools 1.0

To Norton NT Stands for "Nice Tools"

By John J. Yacono

Norton NT Tools 1.0 takes a good operating system, Windows NT, and makes it even better.

The software is a collection of four utilities. AntiVirus Scanner scours your drives for data plagues. The utility's performance is incredible. On a 133MHz system with a Quantum drive, it checked more than 900 files (22MB), spanning two compressed drives in just two minutes.

One caveat: The program doesn't provide an option for storing the log file to multiple locations, which comes in handy during a system disaster.

NT Tools' File Manager looks very much like Central Point Software's XTreeGold, a pleasant departure from its Microsoft counterpart. You can group and indent files with common characteristics, and prioritize file sorts. Frequently used sorts can be saved to tabs at the bottom of the file window; clicking on the tab automatically initiates the sort.

File Manager also supports ftp sites in their own pane; they're viewed as if they were an extension of your computer so you can drag and drop between them. You can compress files into zips by dragging a file to its destination archive.

Norton System Doctor looks much like NT's Performance Monitor, with more counters, or sensors, which can display a system property as a bar chart, analog gauge, histogram or digital readout.

NT Tools' System Information utility displays component information in eight tabbed and easily navigable screens.

All in all, this collection is an easy-to-use complement to NT for a good price.

Info File
Norton NT Tools 1.0
Pros: Excellent File Manager
Cons: Won't store log file to multiple locations
Platforms: Windows NT 3.51 or later
Disk Space: 8.5MB
Symantec Corp.
800-441-7234, 541-334-6054
WinMag Box Score: 3.0

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