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October 1996 New Products TOC

MiniCad 6

New CAD Program's No Rough Draft

MiniCad 6's name could lead you to think it's a "lite" product for small-scale projects or an upgrade of existing Windows software. But it's neither-it's actually the first Windows version of a best-selling Macintosh CAD program that includes 2-D drafting and 3-D modeling resources.

The 32-bit software uses the same file formats as its Macintosh counterpart, so you can transfer files between Windows and Mac platforms. MiniCad 6 includes a database and spreadsheet to track costs and materials, macro programming language, and a Design and Drafting Toolkit. The Toolkit is a library of thousands of industry-specific resources for architects; mechanical, civil and electrical engineers; and other designers.

Diehl Graphsoft
800-846-8053, 410-290-5114

ArcView GIS Version 3.0

Map Out Your Business Plans

Don't just show people your data in black and white-draw them a colorful map. ArcView GIS Version 3.0 is a mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) program that includes map creation and editing tools. In addition, its client/server database management system provides access to large geographic databases. You can incorporate charts and other scalable symbols into your maps.

Optional Spatial Analyst and Network Analyst extensions are available. The Spatial Analyst lets you work with both raster and vector data, helping you study distance for site-location analysis and other functions. The Network Analyst finds the most efficient path between two sites and the closest facility to a certain location.

Standard edition, $1,195; Spatial Analyst extension, $2,495; Network Analyst extension, $1,495

Power Photos IV

Power to Your Pics

Is scanning in photos and touching them up too arduous for you? You can get 375 royalty-free high-resolution images in Power Photos IV. The five-CD-ROM collection includes photos from several themes: Business Elements, Flowers, Paper Textures, Fall Foliage and Africa. All images were drum scanned and can be pasted onto backgrounds.

Power Photos Starter Kit is a two-disc sampler with 25 high-resolution and 375 low-resolution images.

Power Photos IV, $199; Start-Up Kit, $29.95
800-472-9025, 805-566-6200

Audio Software In Brief

If you're into digital sound editing, the idea of an enhanced audio editor must be music to your ears. Sound Forge 4.0 's enhancements include improved audio quality and accelerated processing tools. Sound Forge now offers direct-edit mode (so you can work directly on the file), real-time play and multilevel undo/redo enhancements. Other new features include reverb algorithm, time compression/expansion, pitch shift and graphic fade.

Sonic Foundry
800-57SONIC, 608-256-3133

Speakers In Brief

The New Media LapTalk Speakers were developed specifically for portable PCs. The speakers are powered by the computer's PS/2 port, require no AC adapter or battery source, and use up no more of your computer's power than a typical PC Card modem. The speakers, which have a built-in microphone, snap onto your portable with mounting brackets and lock together when detached to save space when you're traveling.

New Media Corp.
800-453-0550, 714-453-0100

The Altec Lansing PowerCube ACS45 speaker system consists of two 6-watt compact satellite speakers and a separately powered 20-watt subwoofer. The three-piece system also includes electronic volume controls. You can adjust the speakers to control the audio's direction.

Altec Lansing Technologies
800-648-6663, 717-296-2818

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