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10/96 New Products: Programming

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See It All with VBViewer

With support for over 30 popular file formats, VBViewer gives your application the big picture with 16- and 32-bit Microsoft ActiveX controls and DLLs. The product lets you build file viewing capabilities into your apps without using the native application that created them. VBViewer supports drag-and-drop files into the Viewer control, file printing, automatic detection of file format (regardless of extension), text searching through files and use of QuickView viewers if present.

VBViewer can read Excel, Quattro Pro, dBASE, Paradox, Word, WordPerfect, Works, ASCII text, ZIP and graphics files, as well as TrueType fonts and multimedia files (.AVI, .RMI and MIDI). You can set the control to automatically start the app that created the file.

$149; upgrades, $89
800-847-8488, 770-516-0899

DV-Centro l

A Language to Call Your Own

Build your own Visual Programming Language and let your users modify data by manipulating graphical images with DV-Centro.

Based on an object-oriented C++ framework, DV-Centro features tools for creating reusable components for Windows NT (using Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler) that manage relationships between graphics and data. View Builder includes editors for defining and testing graphical behavior, rendering graphics, generating geometric shapes with properties (color, line style) and transformations (rotation, scaling). The Interactive Control Engine governs complex bidirectional data flow and event handling.

The Test Bed will verify your application's custom graphical behavior throughout development. This feature tests your app's graphical shapes, connectability rules and palette definitions to ensure it will perform as designed.

Price not yet set
DataViews Corp.
413-586-4144, fax 413-586-3805

Delphi Developer 2.0 Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0 -- Delphi Goes To the Net¤

Borland has updated Delphi Developer 2.0 and Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0 to provide Internet and intranet functionality, allowing you to integrate Web browsers, Internet mail managers and file transfer into your application. Both products now include an integrated set of eight Microsoft ActiveX controls for building browsers or dynamic Web pages, accessing newsgroups, transferring files and managing e-mail, and server management software.

Developer, $799.95; Client/Server Suite, $1,999.95
Borland International
800-233-2444, 408-431-1000

Programming In Brief

Eliminate routine programming tasks with VB AppFramework, an add-in for Visual Basic 4.0. In addition to the library of royalty-free forms, functions and frameworks, you can capture templates and styles from existing objects and add them to a library, organize OLE references and resource files, and instantly clone forms and controls.

Crescent Division of Progress Software Corp.
800-352-2742, 617-280-3000

Using Relativity 2.0, you can directly access existing COBOL data in your Windows applications without gateways, data warehousing or replication. Supporting every COBOL data structure, you can access or update the data from any ODBC-compliant tool or integrate the data into client/server applications using Visual Basic or PowerBuilder. The product's Database Designer sets relational links and analyzes COBOL file descriptions from source code. Relativity includes security features such as user permissions.

Liant Software Corp.
800-349-9222, 512-719-7001

sp_Assist 1.1 helps you create, code and manage SQL stored procedures and SQL objects such as tables and triggers. The updated version includes user-definable code templates to generate source based on table structures or stored procedures, plus libraries for VB, C/C++ and Delphi. Integrated version control tracks source-code changes at the object/procedure level with check-in/out and milestones. You can also connect to SQL Servers with ODBC drivers.

$595; free upgrade for version 1.0 owners
Sheridan Software Systems
800-VBDIRECT, 516-753-0985

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