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10/96 New Products: Remote Access

October 1996 New Products TOC

3ComImpact IQ

Can Your Modem Pass the IQ Test?

You've waited long enough for ISDN, and you don't want to waste any more time setting up your equipment. The 3ComImpact IQ external modem promises 15-minute installation, or you can get a full refund.

During installation, the modem's SPID (service provider identification number) wizard and Automatic Switch Detect feature determine the ISDN line parameters, configure the modem and place a test call-freeing you from these duties. After the line is installed, 3Com says it will let you return the modem for a full refund if you can't open the packaging, plug in the cables, load the included software and enter the ISDN line phone numbers provided by your phone company in 15 minutes.

The 3ComImpact IQ handles analog and digital phone calls simultaneously, so you can use both B channels for an ISDN data call and an analog call. Its Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation automatically reduces a data call from 128Kbps to 64Kbps so you can talk on the phone while transmitting data. After the phone call is finished, the data call returns to 128Kbps. The modem connects up to six analog devices within 200 feet, so a small office needs just one line. The 3ComImpact IQ modem helps avoid bottlenecks through Stacker LZS data compression. The modem's serial port can transmit 230.4Kbps of data.

3Com Corp.
800-NET-3COM, 408-764-5000

PC Cards

Accton Ethernet + Fax/Modem Multi-Function PC Card series

Dual Cards Connect Twice as Nice

If you use your notebook computer for Ethernet network connectivity and faxing, one card that does both should be right up your alley. The Accton Ethernet + Fax/Modem Multi-Function PC Card line supports 28.8Kbps dial-up connections and simultaneous connections to the network and telephone lines.

The EN2218-3 model combines an MPX (multipacket acceleration) Ethernet adapter with a 28.8Kbps fax modem, and lets you connect to a 10BaseT network and telephone outlet at the same time. The EN2218-4 uses a Combo Module to let you connect to a 10BaseT or 10Base2 network and 28.8 telephone line. The EN2218-1 combines the MPX Ethernet adapter with a 14.4Kbps modem, and the EN2218-2 uses a Combo Module with a 14.4 fax modem.

The cards are compatible with NetWare and other common networking applications, and include drivers to support Microsoft LAN Manager, Windows 3.x, Windows NT, Win95 and other platforms.

EN2218-3, $529; EN2218-4, $579; EN2218-1, $379; EN2218-2, $399
Accton Technology Corp.
800-926-9288, 408-452-8900

Remote Access In Brief

Good connectivity software makes life easier for remote workers and network administrators. Reflection Mobile brings WRQ's TCP/IP dial-up connection capabilities to the road, making it simple for administrators to set up and troubleshoot the connections. Reflection Mobile uses WRQ's TCP/IP stack with dialer. The program includes PPP (point-to-point protocol), SLIP (serial line Internet protocol) and CSLIP (compressed SLIP) to make sure remote users are covered no matter what protocol is needed. Reflection Mobile also supports cellular connections; it includes a Web browser and newsreader.

800-872-2829, 206-217-7100

The Shiva AccessPort ISDN Client Router includes one basic rate interface (BRI) connection and provides ISDN and integrated telephony functions, as well as access to corporate networks and intranets. The Shiva AccessPort's Install Wizard guides you through installation, and the AccessPort Monitor shows you connection status, call activity and configuration overviews.

Shiva Corp.
800-977-4482, 617-270-8300


Carrick uses the new Blowfish encryption algorithm to secure your data. Because of the Blowfish algorithm, Carrick can allow a 448-bit password, compared to the 56-bit limit allowed by the DES encryption standard. Carrick works as a standalone program or from within any app that can access a DLL, including word processors, databases and spreadsheets.

Azalea Software
800-ENCRYPT, 206-932-0234

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