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10/96 New Products: Networking

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NetSuite Professional Design 1.5

Build a Network that Works

If you're planning a network layout to make better use of your computers, why not let a computer software program help? NetSuite Professional Design 1.5 allows you to design and document a WAN or LAN on your PC. First, you import a floor plan of your office as a bitmap or AutoCad file, then drag and drop servers, routers, hubs, switches, desktop PCs and other equipment into the picture.

The program's wizards list available equipment and vendors to meet your needs, from a database that is updated and available on the Web. The program keeps track of resources and equipment, so you can document your network. That lets you know, for instance, where a certain computer is and what LAN card it has. Before finishing, you can run a validation test. This checks actual cable lengths and other details to make sure your floor plan works.

800-638-7848, 508-647-3100

Monarch 3.0

Reports Take Flight Across the Net

Any reports printed out on paper can just as easily be converted to an Internet or intranet document with Monarch 3.0. Monarch reads the file that computers create when producing a report, and transforms the report into a portable document optimized for electronic delivery over a network.

Monarch processes the report into a small, data-enabled portable report format (PRF) document. A typical 300-page report can be as small as 80KB, including an encapsulated index and format information. You can send the portable report as an e-mail attachment, or embed it as an object in a Web page. The report can be accessed by clicking on a report icon linked to a .PRF file.

With Monarch 3.0, you can publish legacy reports within minutes after they are run. Everyone on the network or intranet can look things up and extract data off the electronic reports. The Monarch Report Explorer, a viewer available as a standalone or a Netscape plug-in, allows a recipient to read reports that were created with Monarch without having the full Monarch program.

Monarch 3.0: single user, $330; 8-user network license, $2,000 Monarch Report Explorer: 5-pack, $249; 50-pack, $2,000; 500-pack, $15,000
Datawatch Corp.
800-445-3311, 508-988-9700

Networking In Brief

Internet Runway can launch every client on your NetWare network to the Internet or company intranet through a single IP address. The software saves you from having to load a TCP/IP stack on every NetWare client throughout the network. The program's Windows-based installation loads the software as an NLM (NetWare Loadable Module) on the server, and transparently integrates TCP/IP and IPX/SPX on the network. Internet Runway also provides a firewall between the Internet and the NetWare clients. Netscape Navigator 2.0 (with e-mail), ftp and telnet are bundled with the software.

5-user license, $795; 10-user license, $1,195
SphereLink Communications
888-774-3731, 408-452-8300

PC Maclan for Windows 95 integrates a 32-bit AppleShare client/server interface into the Win95 networking environment for seamless compatibility between the two operating systems. It lets you share files, printers, hard disks, floppies and CD-ROMs with Mac users.

Miramar Systems
800-862-2526, 805-966-2432

Windows 95 and NT network administrators can make their own rules with File Rules. The software is optimized for file management on file servers and LANs, so you can customize administration rules for local or network drives and execute the commands at the rate of hundreds of files per second. You can create rules for batching and scheduling system management, or use the program as an authoring tool to let the user specify rules for manipulating large amounts of data.

619-497-2540, fax 619-483-6777

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