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10/96 New Products: Document Management

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Presto PageManager Suite

A Suite Scanning System

Watch your picture problems fade away with Presto PageManager Suite. The software's maker, NewSoft, bills Presto as a scanning operating system with integrated applications for personal document management.

By providing a link between scanner and desktop applications, PageManager allows you to drag and drop or scan directly into any application-including print, fax and e-mail. You can also scan directly into programs such as MS Word, Excel and Adobe Photoshop. On top of that, the suite includes six applications: an electronic filing system, OCR software, color image editor, business card scanning software, a forms program and a color image transmission system.

PageManager has a self-demonstration program using Lotus ScreenCam to walk you through the seven programs.

800-214-7059, 510-252-0267

Business Software


Serve Up Better Surveys

Now you can give Gallup a run for the money. An aptly named program called Survey will give you the power to create surveys, input and tabulate the data, and create reports. You'll find a variety of professionally designed sample surveys, including questions that can be used verbatim or modified for your own purposes, along with pointers on achieving statistically valid results. Responses can be input manually, scanned into the program or submitted by fax modem.

After you crunch the numbers, you can opt for histogram, cross-tabulation or trend reports. The histogram report includes bar graphs; the cross-tabulated report lets you break down the results by gender, age and income.

AutoData Systems
800-662-2192, 612-938-4710


Avoid Future Shock

Who needs a psychic? You can glance into your own future while trying to increase shareholder value with Alcar. The strategic planning and evaluation software lets you isolate, test and assess business decisions that affect your company's value. The program features a set of customizable financial reports as well as Scenario Manager, which allows you to view data under different assumptions.

Single-user license, $6,500; 5-user license, $20,000
The Alcar Group
847-967-4200, fax-847-967-4209

Business Software In Brief

Too much work, not enough hours in the day. Sound familiar? Free up some of your time by using The RFP Machine. This software package automates the process of responding to Requests For Proposal, cutting response time as much as 75 percent. RFP reads and interprets questions directly from word processing files, and then selects and inserts the appropriate responses into proposal documents.

Pragmatech Software
800-401-9580, 603-672-8941

"Return to sender ... address unknown." This never would have happened if The King had Address Fixer for Microsoft Word and Office. Address Fixer adds a Check Address command to the Tools menu in Word that compares addresses against a CD-ROM database of U.S. addresses; it also corrects misspellings and provides the complete 9-digit zip code. Mount a network version on your server at work, and the add-in is installed to all users' copies of Microsoft Word.

CoStar Corp.
800-426-7827, 203-661-9700

ZipQuick actually types in city names, state abbreviations, zip codes, area codes and PostNET bar codes into any Windows, Windows 95 or NT application. ZipQuick's lookup table includes international telephone codes as well as a database of more than 44,000 U.S. zip codes. The program is packaged with the KeyTalker utility, which enables you to hear a number as you enter it on your keyboard.

$79 through November 1
TAL Technologies
800-722-6004, 215-763-7900

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