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10/96 New Products: Printers

October 1996 New Products TOC

QMS magicolor WX

Turn to a Laser for Group Support

Although you might be tempted to hog the QMS magicolor WX color laser printer, don't-it's made for sharing. The printer is optimized for Windows 95, and targeted at small workgroups using the Win95 Print Sharing and background printing features. It can deliver up to 5,000 color copies or 20,000 monochrome prints per month.

The magicolor WX prints 3 to 6 pages per minute in color and 12ppm in monochrome at 600dpi resolution. The printer features an Intel i960-RISC processor and ships with 512KB of system flash memory and 4MB of printer RAM, expandable to 32MB.

The Plug-and-Play printer prints immediately after receiving the print command because it doesn't need your PC to translate data into PostScript or PCL.

The QMS magicolor WX is aimed at departments with less than 10 people who use desktop publishing apps or produce presentations, spreadsheets, newsletters, reports, flyers or mailers.

It holds 250 sheets of paper or 50 transparencies; a second 250-sheet cassette is optional. The unit measures 14.6 by 20.5 by 22.2 inches and weighs 86 pounds without consumables. It can be upgraded to the QMS magicolor CX networked serverless print system.

800-523-2696, 334-633-4300

Portable CD-ROM Drives

Altec Lansing AMC2800

More Mobile Multimedia

You expect your portable PC to offer the same full slate of features as your desktop, so why settle for fewer multimedia capabilities when you hit the road? The Altec Lansing AMC2800 includes an 8X CD-ROM drive for laptops, plus a built-in microphone and four speakers. The AMC2800 notebook connects through a PCMCIA Type II slot, giving you 16-bit audio to go.

The microphone and speakers give you a full-duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation. The 4.5-pound portable-PC upgrade package also includes a headphone, subwoofer output and I/O jacks. The unit measures 2 by 12 by 9 inches.

Altec Lansing
800-648-6663, 717-296-2818

MicroSolutions Backpack

Carry an 8-Pack

The MicroSolutions Backpack 8X CD-ROM connects to your printer port to add an 8X CD-ROM drive and 16-bit sound card to your desktop or notebook PC. The four-pound CD-ROM allows 8- and 16-bit stereo playback and recording, and features 20-voice FM music synthesis, four FM operators and 128 MIDI instruments. It also includes line and auxiliary inputs, microphone, and line and speaker output jacks.

$499; $399 without sound card
800-890-7227 x200, 815-756-3411

Monitors In Brief

The CTX MS500 and MS700 monitors look flat but don't sound that way. The antiglare CRT displays are based on a high-resolution flat square tube, and the monitors include built-in stereo speakers. The MS500 is a 15-inch monitor with a 13.8-inch viewing area, and the MS700 is a 17-inch display with a 15.7-inch viewing area. They support resolutions of 1024x768 pixels at 75Hz. The CTX P400, P500 and P700 are flat-square-tube CRT monitors without sound. The 14-inch P400 has a maximum resolution of 1024x768 pixels at 60Hz. The 15-inch P500 and the 17-inch P700 have maximum resolutions of 1280x1024 pixels at 60Hz.

MS500, $399; MS700, $649; P400, $249; P500, $349; P700, $649
CTX International
800-888-2012, 818-839-0500

Graphics Accelerators

The Diamond Fire GL 2000 graphics accelerator can double your screen space; its dual-screen technology lets you use two monitors at once. The single-slot PCI subsystem supports one or two monitors, giving you the option to expand your workspace for 3-D animation and CAD applications under Windows NT. The accelerator comes with a base configuration of 12MB (4MB VRAM, 8MB DRAM) of memory, and you can upgrade to 24MB.

Diamond Multimedia Systems
800-468-5846, 408-325-7000

Available in 8MB, 12MB and 16MB configurations, AccelPRO 3-D graphics boards for Windows NT systems are designed to deliver smooth displays at resolutions up to 1280x1024 pixels.

$1,795 to $2,495
800-444-5699, 408-441-1556

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