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10/96 New Products: Antivirus

October 1996 New Products TOC

Norton AntiVirus 2.0

Win the War Against Viruses

Computer viruses are forever changing, and an antivirus program's effectiveness depends on how well it keeps up with the changes. Norton AntiVirus 2.0 keeps your PC current with its LiveUpdate feature, which lets you update all your virus definition files monthly with one click. The program connects to Symantec's AntiVirus definition files site by modem or ftp, retrieves the virus definitions and installs them on your PC.

NAV 2.0 for Windows 95's other new features include Striker technology to protect against polymorphic viruses and a Repair Wizard to help clean up viruses. The Striker technology sets up a virtual PC that acts as a clean room each time it scans your PC. When it finds an infected file, the virus will execute and reveal itself, and NAV alerts you to the infection.

$69.95; upgrade, $29.95
Symantec Corp.
800-441-7234, 541-334-6054



Send Messages with Pizzazz

Want to make your e-mail messages stand out from the clutter of electronic communication? @loha, a multimedia e-mail tool, lets you send creative, personalized messages that are designed to grab the recipient's attention.

With @loha, you can record custom audio messages and build your own animations, starting with ready-made greeting templates. Choose clip-art characters, captions, sounds and background scenes through a do-it-yourself wizard function. The software compresses animations to speed transmission. To ensure that any recipient can open the file, you can include an @loha player in the message.

Media Synergy
800-793-6320, 416-369-1100


E-Mail Under Control

You don't need a dedicated mail server to get advanced e-mail features for Windows 95 and NT. RePLY is an Internet e-mail application that gives you unlimited accounts. It automatically encrypts messages, lets you generate automated responses to certain e-mail messages and sets up kill lists to return unwanted junk e-mail to its sender. RePLY can download an unlimited number of e-mail accounts simultaneously.

Solid Oak Software
800-388-2761, 805-967-9853

Utilities In Brief

Ever wonder where all your hard disk space has gone? DiskMapper shows you what's eating up your disk space and lets you delete or compress unneeded or rarely used files. It graphically maps the size of each file and subdirectory, and allows you to choose the level of detail you want to see. By replacing the familiar file-tree method with a unique rectangle structure, DiskMapper offers you color sets, map colors, and 2-D and 3-D map styles for easy navigation and viewing.
Micro Logic Corp.
800-342-5930, 201-342-6518

Sometimes you need to verify a word's spelling when you're in an application with no spell checker. Spelling Sentry/32 to the rescue! This universal spell checker works with applications lacking built-in spell checkers, such as WordPad, Netscape Navigator, e-mail programs and Usenet news readers. Spelling Sentry/32 extracts the text in question, checks the spelling and returns the correct spelling to the original window. The program includes a 100,000-word dictionary.

Wintertree Software
800-340-8803, 613-825-6271

Codeblue/2 completely backs up Windows 95 so you can reconstruct your system from one diskette should your hard disk crash. The program backs up the operating system to any storage device recognized by Windows 95. It can restart your system even if you accidentally reformat your hard disk. Codeblue/2 Remote restarts and restores a system across a network, helping system administrators recover from system crashes.

Codeblue/2, $49; Codeblue/2 Remote, $250 for 10 workstations
Tapedisk Corp.
800-827-3372, 715-235-3388

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