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10/96 New Products:Web Software

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Create Moving Web Sites

Why not put animation in your Web creation? WebPainter is a cel animation package with a full set of painting tools, customizable color palette and other essentials of a 2-D color bitmap painting app.

WebPainter's standard animation features include onion-skinning, foreground/background layering and multiple- cel manipulation. You can create an image in a multiple-cel animator, export the image into an animation format, then run the result through an HTML editor to put animation on your site.

WebPainter's Cel Strip arranges the cels or frames in sequence, creating a moving picture. With the Onion Skin Next/Previous buttons, you can draw on top of a faded image in the next or previous cel to create seamless animations. In the Drawing Window, a cel Counter pop-up menu lets you move between cels.

WebPainter has a complete library of basic animations, plus a step-by-step tutorial. Options include Totally Hip's Sizzler plug-in and a converter to play stream-based animations. WebPainter is compatible with other graphics applications, authoring tools and Internet browsers.

$49.95 (introductory offer)
Totally Hip Software
604-685-6525, fax 604-685-4057

Claris Home Page

Feel At Home with Your Page

Whether you're a Web neophyte or Webmaster, Claris Home Page has features to make you feel right at home. Claris Home Page (not to be confused with the company's Web site) allows even the novice designer to construct an attractive cyber-abode. Home Page's pull-down menus and WYSIWYG conversion features let you easily turn text from your word processor into HTML.

But the program isn't only for beginners. You can design advanced sites with Java applets and CGI applications, bring pages together into a frame layout, and create and customize tables within documents. Access to the FileMaker Pro 3.0 database is available through built-in TCP/IP support.

Claris Corp.
800-554-8554, 408-987-7000


A Heaping Web Serving

Freedom of the press now belongs to those who have a Web server and a Web authoring tool. TotalWeb from Quarterdeck provides both. The program melds HTML editor WebAuthor Pro, WebServer 1.0 for Windows 3.x and WebSTAR 95/NT for 32-bit Windows. TotalWeb also includes Internet Suite 2 client software, WebImage for drag-and-drop image map editing and the Quarterdeck Mosaic Web browser for previewing documents.

Quarterdeck Corp.
800-282-0866, 310-309-3700

Web Software In Brief

Do you have more than a few bookmarked Web sites? Organize them with Starfish Internet Utilities. The program's four plug-in tools can be used with any 32-bit Web browser. QuickMarks combines and manages lists of favorite sites collected from various browsers. InternetMeter tracks your online time, so you know how much your cybersurfing is costing you. The package also includes InternetClock for time synchronization across workgroups and QuickZip for user-friendly file exchanges.

$39.95 (introductory price)
Starfish Software

Art Vault works with your word processor or HTML authoring program to provide a graphics library for your Web site. More than 1,500 buttons, bars, patterns and textures are included, as well as the Web Art Image Browser for previewing your creations. You can use your HTML authoring program to incorporate .WAV sound files and icons that serve as hyperlink markers.

MediaMagic Solutions
408-777-7676, fax 408-777-7963

Have your Web Buddy surf the Internet while you're doing something else. Web Buddy automatically retrieves and bookmarks Web pages with the use of any browser. The Convert function transfers your findings to word processing or graphics programs. Organize your site information in Web Buddy Central with toolbars, tab folders and drag-and-drop features.

800-733-0030, 203-268-0030

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