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10/96 New Products: Scanners

October 1996 New Products TOC

Panasonic KV-SS25

Scanner with Sprinter's Speed

To scan a high volume of documents, use a scanner that's in just as much of a hurry as you are. The Panasonic KV-SS25 scans 20 images per minute-either 20 pages with text on one side or 10 two-sided pages-at 200dpi. The scanner handles 25 images per minute at 150dpi, or 15 images per minute at 300dpi. The production scanner handles form processing, OCR, and workgroup and desktop imaging applications.

The KV-SS25 scans documents from legal size to business cards, and has a SCSI-2 interface; the unit ships with TWAIN and ISIS drivers. It scans photographs in high-resolution or gray-scale mode. The scanner's included image-enhancement software offers white level, noise reduction, dither and error diffusion, and reverse-image features.

An upright unit, this scanner measures 15.3 by 22.3 by 17.7 inches and weighs 31 pounds. Panasonic claims the KV-SS25 has a 1-million-page preventive maintenance cycle and an unlimited daily duty cycle.

Panasonic Computer Peripheral Co.
800-742-8086, 201-348-7000

Digital Cameras

Sony DKC-ID1

Pocketful of Pictures

Weighing only 26 ounces, the Sony DKC-ID1 digital camera holds up to 140 images. The hand-held camera stores images on a PCMCIA card with standard JPEG compression. It stores around 40 images in Fine mode and up to 140 in Normal mode on a 10MB PCMCIA card. You can connect it directly to your PC through its SCSI interface.

The DKC-ID1 handles high-resolution images of 768x576 dpi. It has a built-in color LCD through-the-lens viewfinder that helps frame a subject and lets you review stored images on the spot. The camera includes a lithium ion battery, a 2MB PCMCIA memory card and battery charger. The DKC-ID1 has a 12X zoom lens with macro, which is the equivalent of a 38mm-460mm zoom lens on a 35mm camera. It also has a built-in flash. A display on the back of the camera shows flash, exposure, storage and focus status, and the number of stored images.

Sony Electronics
800-472-SONY, 201-930-1000

ACS Compro Digital Color

Smile, You're On the Net

ACS Innovations positions its digital camera as an Internet product because you can use it for Internet-based two-way communications. The ACS Compro Digital Color Internet Camera is also used for videoconferencing and capturing motion and still images. It captures images directly into your PC through the parallel port using D-Viewer software, so you don't need a video capture card. The camera captures still images in resolutions up to 640x480 pixels, and digital motion video at 160x120 pixels.

ACS Innovations
408-379-2900, fax 408-379-3292

Keyboards In Brief

If you want to rely less on your mouse, the Acer Future keyboard could be in your future. The keyboard includes an optional touchpad surrounded by directional arrow keys that allow you to control your cursor from the keyboard. You can tap, double-tap and drag-and-drop right from the keyboard. It's also possible to detach the Acer Future's optional numeric keypad to save space.

$77; including touchpad, $99
Acer America
800-SEE-ACER, 408-432-6200


The Panasonic KX-S300 sheetfed scanner lets you drag-and-drop files, includes Xerox TextBridge OCR software, and can automatically fax and copy documents. After you scan a document, you can fax or e-mail it by dragging and dropping to the proper icon. The scanner measures 1.8 by 2.5 by 8 inches.

Panasonic Computer Peripheral Co.
800-742-8086, 201-348-7000


The Vector Unia has its own numeric keypad, so you can input numbers and press function keys from the mouse. Most keys have several functions, depending on whether you're in numerical, character or function mode. The Unia works with Windows 3.1x and Win95.

Vector Research Corp.
408-298-7898, fax 408-298-8087

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