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10/96 New Products: Notebooks

October 1996 New Products TOC

Compaq Armada 4100

Smooth Sailing in Any Weight Class

Add or subtract components, and the Compaq Armada 4100 notebook can look as if it spent six months slimming down with Richard Simmons, a half-year pumping up with Arnold Schwarzenegger or somewhere in between. And the transformation takes just minutes.

The 1.5-inch-high notebook's slimline configuration weighs in at 4.8 pounds without battery handle and floppy disk drive. The standard configuration is a 5.8-pound unit that uses the battery handle as a keyboard tilt foot and includes a second battery in place of the floppy drive.

The Armada 4100's 7.8-pound bulked-up multimedia configuration features a mobile CD unit on the bottom, enhanced stereo sound, a MIDI/joystick port, wavetable support and an optional third battery to extend battery life up to 12 hours.

The Armada 4100 comes with a 133MHz, 120MHz or 100MHz Pentium; a 630MB, 810MB or 1GB hard disk; from 8MB to 48MB of RAM; and a 10.4-inch color CSTN, 11.3-inch color STN or 11.8-inch color TFT display. It also offers up to three lithium ion batteries, a touchpad pointing device, two Type II or one Type III PC Card slot, and parallel, serial, video, infrared and keyboard/mouse ports. It supports NTSC and PAL video.

$2,599 to $4,599
Compaq Computer Corp.

AcerNote Nuovo

A Lap Full of Features

Except for screen size, the AcerNote Nuovo can make you forget you're not working on a desktop. The 7-pound laptop includes a 128-bit graphics accelerator, full-color MPEG, integrated microphone and a 28.8Kbps fax modem with DSVD. The keyboard raises and tilts to approximate the angle of a desktop keyboard. The Nuovo features a 133MHz Pentium, 16MB to 64MB of EDO RAM, 1.2GB enhanced IDE hard disk, stereo audio system with built-in FM synthesizer, and either 11.8-inch active-matrix or 11.3-inch dual-scan display. A 6X CD-ROM drive is also standard; options include a minidock.

$3,499 to $3,999
Acer America Corp.
800-SEE-ACER, 408-432-6200

Digital HiNote VP LTS 5120

Strike the Right Chord

Maybe you don't need all the features that drive the cost of a notebook above that of a desktop. Digital has added the Digital HiNote VP LTS 5120 to its value line of notebooks. The new model has an 11.3-inch SVGA screen and ships standard with a 120MHz Pentium, 8MB of EDO RAM, 1.08GB hard drive and PCI bus. An Enhanced nickel metal hydride battery and dual-battery support can extend run time to a total of 8 hours.

Digital Equipment Corp.
800-DIGITAL, 508-624-6400

Hand-Held Organizers In Brief

The HP OmniGo120 Organizer Plus has a brighter screen than its predecessor, and you'll feel brighter when you use it, thanks to the addition of Pocket Quicken for managing personal finance. The latest OmniGo also features a Clip&Go utility so you can cut and paste information from word processing, spreadsheet and paint programs between the organizer and your PC when using the optional Connectivity Pack. The OmniGo 120 measures 6 by 3.7 by 1 inch.

$399; Connectivity Pack, $119.95
Hewlett-Packard Co.

LCD Projectors

The ASK LCD Impression 860 high-contrast Super VGA 800x600-pixel projector connects up to three PCs at a time. The projector produces a 500 ANSI lumen image. The unit measures 12.7 by 9.6 by 25.1 inches and weighs 27.5 pounds.

800-ASKLCD1, 201-896-8888

Mitsubishi enters the LCD projector market with a versatile model, the Mitsubishi LVP-G1A. The projector accepts video, RGB, NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals for a 640x480-pixel VGA display, and projects screen sizes from 20 to 300 inches.

Mitsubishi Electronics
800-843-2515, 714-220-2500

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