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10/96 Windows Online

Here's How

Meet CompuServe 3.0

Novices will love the intuitive feel of the new CompuServe, while veteran users will appreciate the addition of long-desired features. With version 3.0, the online service replaces its proprietary interface with a slick, Web-like design that conforms with CompuServe's move to an all-HTML format.

CompuServe has improved and radically changed many features. This version is far easier to navigate, with built-in viewers that allow you to read charts, graphs, photos and other multimedia files. Single-click links connect you to various places within the service. The integrated Web browser-Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0-bridges the once-vast division between proprietary services and Web-based sites.

CIS allows you to explore other CompuServe areas while uploading or downloading a file. Forum management is also greatly enhanced. This version manages messages in a more intuitive fashion by mapping the threads more clearly. You can log private chat boxes to a text file, and manage all chats from a single window instead of individual windows.

The new UI is more user-friendly, with readily available organizational tools. Some of the most notable are Recent Places, which tracks where you have been in CIS; To Do List, a scheduling applet; a customizable toolbar; and a sorting feature for your preferred areas.

CompuServe 3.0 presents a very good-looking new interface, and offers greater functionality and a more universal approach to the proprietary online service market.

New on the Net

Web Sites, Activate

OLE on the Web, you say? Microsoft's ActiveX is still in beta, but it's already popular. We've found the hottest sites featuring controls, information and start-up advice to help you bring your pages to life.

Windows Watch

Under Construction

Check out our new design on America Online (Keyword: WinMag), and post your comments on the new look in our Message Exchange. New additions include a Windows Glossary, special Online Exclusives and This Just In, which spotlights the day's top news items.

Join our chat with Symantec at 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, as representatives discuss telecommuting and how to build a home office. Watch for prize giveaways, and join our weekly chat featuring WinMag editors discussing specific Windows topics.

You can find an updated schedule of live events at our area of AOL at Keyword: WinMag or check the Web:


October Superior Shareware.

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Compiled by David Hafke, Tom Ponzo, Paul Silverman and Lori L. Bloomer

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