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10/96 Enterprise Windows: Product Pipeline


This software provides NT networking services on Digital UNIX, letting you taste the power of 64-bit computing from Windows clients and NT servers. It provides server-to-server connectivity between NT and Digital UNIX, letting Digital UNIX act as a peer in an NT environment.

$990 for 10-user license, $18,000 for 250-user license
Digital Equipment Corp.


Besides updating its virus-detection features, IBM made its antivirus software easier to install and distribute across the network. The administrator copies a program from one CD-ROM to the server directory and distributes it any way you want: via LAN server, intranet, ftp, e-mail, diskettes or Lotus Notes. IBM claims its Check on Access feature finds viruses whenever you download or upload files.

From $620 for 25 users
800-742-2493, 512-434-1554


This line of image-enabled print systems ranges in speed from 10ppm to 45ppm and lets you print image files at or near rated engine speeds. Image data is compressed to facilitate archiving, retrieving, distributing and printing information on demand. The systems support TIFF, CALS, PostScript Level 2/CCITT, and QMS high-performance CCITT Group 3 and 4 image file formats.

From $3,299 to $57,999; ImageServer Developer's Kit, $999
800-523-2696, 334-633-4300


Breece Hill's entry-level DLT storage system holds more than one terabyte of data with 15 cartridges per library storage module. It comes in rack-mount, desktop or desk-side configurations; features include one or two 2000XT, 4000 or 7000 DLT drives, an integrated bar-code reader and removable 10-cartridge magazine.

$22,000 with two DLT 4000 drives
Breece Hill Technologies
800-941-0550, 303-449-2673


The software helps determine the resources required to run applications by reporting on CPU utilization, system saturation and response time. It allows networking managers and developers to predict how apps will perform in a production environment. The program runs on any Intel or Alpha systems running Windows 95 or NT 3.51.

Digital Equipment Corp.
800-DIGITAL, 603-881-0133


This client/server utility brings network drives and printers directly into Windows from other platforms. The full intranet suite uses Century Software's TinyTerm terminal emulation utility to connect Windows PCs to UNIX applications such as those from Oracle, Informix and Great Plains Accounting Software. The program also provides client/server and peer-to-peer networking capabilities using TCP/IP.

$199 for single user; multiple licenses start at $179 per user
Century Software
800-877-3088, 801-268-3088


The new release of SCSI Express lets NT networks use MDI's CD-ROM storage products, previously available only for NetWare networks. SCSI Express 2.0 maps multiple CD-ROMs as one network share, lets you share a CD across multiple groups, and lets an administrator set up default permission groups for the new CD. SCSI Express 2.0 uses NT RAM caching and has a Win95 interface.

$1,995 for CD-ROM support, $3,995 for CD-ROM jukebox support
Micro Design International
800-228-0891, 407-677-8333


This software lets you create dynamic Web-based solutions that interact with databases without writing CGIs in C++, Perl or Visual Basic. It connects Windows, UNIX and Macintosh-based Web servers to databases such as Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, FoxPro, Butler SQL and FileMaker Pro. The product consists of the Tango Application Server and the Tango Editor.

From $995 for single server, 5-concurrent-user license and one development seat
EveryWare Development Corp.
888-819-2500, 905-819-1173


This NT Server management program consists of SmartAgent and Domain Station. Smart Agent can manage and report on hundreds of servers in multiple NT domains running NT Server and Microsoft SQL Server. Domain Station presents performance information from distributed NT servers on one NT workstation.

SmartAgent, from $1,750 per agent; Domain Station, from $1,500
Landmark Systems Corp.
800-333-8666, 703-902-8000

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