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By Fred Langa
Nashville puts a fresh face on Windows 95 and the new NT 4.0. Which OS and desktop are right for you?

The Explorer

By Mike Elgan
Microsoft starts out embracing popular standards, but ends up replacing them.

Windows at Work

By Cheryl Currid
Be careful what your users say on the Internet: It could come back to bite you.

Dialog Box

By Bruce F. Webster
Like it or not, we--and Microsoft--are stuck with Windows for the next 30 years.

How To

Optimizing Windows

By John Woram
Slice up that hefty hard drive into byte-size pieces.


By Jim Boyce
Show off your snazziest spreadsheets on the info highway.

Power Windows

By Karen Kenworthy
Sneak a peek into your system to find the hidden windows.

Programming Windows

By Martin Heller
Let's take a break from the Internet and talk about controls.

Cover Story

Cover Story: The New NT

With a new interface, new features and enhanced performance, NT 4.0 is shaping up as a mainstream system for high-end users. Will it replace Windows 95 as the operating system for the next millennium? Does it belong on your desktop? Our in-depth look at NT 4.0 sizes up the possibilities.


Instant Intranet

Information at your fingertips is no longer a pipe dream. An intranet brings data-on-demand to your enterprise.

Enterprise View

Don't wait for Cairo; get NT 4.0.

Enterprise Administrator

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail system worth bragging about.

NT Product Pipeline

Check out the hottest new products in the pipeline.


Defend Your Data!

Warning: Hackers, rivals and snoops are stalking your system, so don't leave your data unprotected. Fend off intruders with these Win95 security tips.

Put Big Numbers Behind Your Small Business

Small-business accounting packages can help you keep your bottom line in line. Whatever your needs and know-how, there's a program here for you.

Surf's Up

Ride the Web wave with this comprehensive guide to browsers. See how the new versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer stack up, and get the lowdown on the hottest plug-ins. Follow our tips for designing the coolest pages around-then hit the surf!

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

Friends, Romans, PCs: Lend Me Your Ears

Speech recognition moves from frivolous to functional in new editions of Kurzweil Voice and IBM VoiceType.

Smart Printer Talks of Price/Performance

NEC's SuperScript 860 proves a laser printer can be fast, smart and lightweight-for less than $500.

Recommended List

Check out our complete list of recommended products, including the top systems, notebooks, hardware and software.

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