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9/96 Superior Shareware

Compiled by David Hafke, Tom Ponzo and Paul Silverman

This shareware (and more, and in some cases, more recent versions) is available online.

Drag and Zip for Windows 95

If you don't like WinZip, give Drag and Zip a trial run. You can easily compress and extract files by dragging and dropping them onto an icon and then selecting an output directory. The program supports .ZIP, .LZH, .GZ and .TAR files.

Canyon Software
1537 Fourth St., Suite 131
San Rafael, CA 94901

Click here to download this shareware.

Edge Diagrammer 2.0

Edge Diagrammer allows you to create diagrams quickly and easily. Using the programís toolbar, you can create, link and change the shape of the nodes of your diagram. Itís ideal for flowcharts, org charts and block diagrams, and also includes a tutorial to help you get started.

Pacestar Software
Attn.: Registrations
PO Box 51974
Phoenix, AZ 85076

Click here to download this shareware.

FileKick 1.1

This program provides file-management, filename-paste and program-launch functions in a pop-up dialog window. Hotkey activation allows instant access to FileKick from any other Windows application. Other features include bookmarking and searching for text within a file.

FileTrak Software
PO Box 006
Pocopson, PA 19366

Click here to download this shareware.

Gif Construction Set 1.0

Looking for a cool way to enhance your Web page? Try some animated GIFs. With its easy-to-use interface, Gif Construction lets you create an animation from a set of .GIF files. Make your home pageís graphics glow, pulsate and move, or give a comic book life by piecing together a sequence of cells and animating them.

$20 (+ $5 shipping)
Alchemy Mindworks
PO Box 500
Beeton, Ontario L0G 1A0

Click here to download this shareware.

Graphmatica 1.5

Throw out your old calculus and trig textbooks: Graphmatica can do it all for you. This powerful app can graph any Cartesian equation, whether itís a function of x or y, as well as find its derivatives, tangents and integrals. Itís perfect for beginners and students looking to check their own work.

345 Montecillo Dr.
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Click here to download this shareware.

Keyboard Express 95

Make your typing less taxing with Keyboard Express 95. This keyboard-macro recorder allows you to assign a series of keystrokes to a hotkey in Windows 95. Keyboard Express 95 hides in the background; you access it by a simple Ctrl + right click. You can also insert the date and time.

Insight Software Solutions
PO Box 354
Bountiful, UT 84011

Click here to download this shareware.

Internet Marauder 1.4

Save time online with this customizable search engine. Internet Marauder 1.4 finds and downloads pages and files from the Web to your local PC for offline browsing. Select the starting pages and choose from four different stock marauders, or customize your own marauder for a tailored search. You can also schedule automatic periodic downloads.

Bourbon Street Software
1404 Broadway
New Orleans, LA 70118

Click here to download this shareware.

Personal Stock Monitor 1.1

Get stock quotes from free quote servers using Personal Stock Monitor. The program periodically pulls prices for an unlimited amount of stock symbols from the Internet and displays them on your desktop. You can customize the update intervals and set an alert to sound when a targeted stock reaches a high or low.

Anatoly Ivasyuk
PO Box 1057
Germantown, MD 20875

Click here to download this shareware.

SL Checkbook 4.0

Balance your checkbook using this simple electronic register. SL Checkbook can automatically sort your checkbook entries in chronological order and caches frequently used entries for easy access to common data. It also features password protection.

Michael Brady
6530 Nancy Dr.
North Olmstead, OH 44070

Click here to download this shareware.

SmartTracker Inventory 95

SmartTracker Inventory 95 is a database program that helps you keep track of your personal and office materials. You can enter info in a number of fields including name, brand and model, or create your own. You can query the database on any field, produce user-definable reports or import data from an ASCII- or dBASE-compatible file.

$25 (+ $3 shipping)
Insight Software Solutions
PO Box 354
Bountiful, UT 84011

Click here to download this shareware.

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