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Listing of September 1996 New Products Categories

Top MobileWare Personal 1.0 SoftDock Fujitsu LAN/SCSI Combo

MobileWare Personal 1.0

Work Without a Wire, or a Net

If you have a cellular phone, you can have e-mail-even without a server or central post office. MobileWare Personal 1.0 integrates into the Windows 95 Exchange client to give you e-mail via wireless connection. You can exchange e-mail with other users running MobileWare Personal 1.0; there's no need for a mail post office or LAN server.

Your wireless e-mail uses the same Inbox and Outbox as Win95 Exchange, and you manage your e-mail the same way. The program's checkpointing feature prevents data loss in the event of a transfer interruption. MobileWare Personal 1.0 confirms the sending and receipt

of each data packet. If connection is lost during transmission, it will reconnect the call automatically and begin sending exactly where it left off. When you're not connected, you can still compose e-mail offline. MobileWare stores the messages in your Outbox, and sends them when you connect again.

MobileWare Corp.
800-260-7450, 214-509-8200

Top MobileWare Personal 1.0 SoftDock Fujitsu LAN/SCSI Combo


An Anchor for Adrift Workers

If you're a remote worker, you're probably familiar with notebook computer docking stations. But have you heard of a software docking station? SoftDock is a program that lets you access network files and applications even when disconnected from the network.

SoftDock works as a personal file server, and improves remote transmission performance. It replicates frequently accessed network files to your computer when it's docked to the network, and creates a personal file server.

After you undock with a mouse click, SoftDock provides transparent access to the replicated files. The program automatically synchronizes replicated files with the network when you redock.

SoftDock installs on the client side and will work with any network protocol.

800-677-7876, 412-276-9600

Top MobileWare Personal 1.0 SoftDock Fujitsu LAN/SCSI Combo

Fujitsu LAN/SCSI Combo

No Need to Shuffle Cards

You need to connect to a LAN and plug in a SCSI peripheral, but you have only one PC Card slot on your notebook. What to do? Plug in the Fujitsu LAN/SCSI Combo PC Card, and work without compromise.

The card lets you use a SCSI CD-ROM drive, scanner or hard disk while connected to a 10BaseT Ethernet network. The card's LAN component has a bus transfer rate of up to 10Mbps, a 16Kb buffer and a 16-bit data bus. The SCSI component has a 2.6Mbps transfer rate and is SCSI-2 compatible.

Fujitsu Microelectronics
800-642-7616, 408-922-9000

Remote Access In Brief

The Silicom Connectivity TokenModem PC Card lets you connect to a Token Ring LAN while it works as a fax modem. While connected to a Token Ring LAN, you can transfer data at 28.8Kbps and fax at 14.4Kbps. The card includes Shielded Twisted Pair and Unshielded Twisted Pair cables.

Silicom Connectivity Solutions
800-474-5426, 206-882-7995

The TeleVideo TeleCOMM+ modem handles data, fax and voice transmissions, and provides telephony functions that include a speakerphone, voice mail, answering machine and Caller ID. You install the 28.8Kbps modem without changing comm port settings, IRQ selections or jumper settings.

800-835-3228, 408-954-8333

If you have-or are thinking about switching to-ISDN lines, it's time to check out ISDN communications servers. The Livingston PortMaster 2E Communications Server provides flexible dial-up Internet and intranet connections. A fully configured unit supports 15 ISDN BRI ports, 30 115.2Kbps asynchronous ports or various combinations of the two. The Livingston PortMaster 2i Communications Server provides branch offices with dial-in router access to the network and Internet. It has five BRI ports and one asynchronous port.

PortMaster 2E with five-port ISDN BRI module, $3,895; fully configured, $7,885; PortMaster 2i, $3,495
Livingston Enterprises
800-458-9966, 510-426-0770

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