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Listing of September 1996 New Products Categories

U.A. Corporate Accounting 4.0

Top Feast on Financial Features Check Out These Figures Acoustic Accounting

Feast on Financial Features

A corporation's financial program should take everything into account. The U.A. Corporate Accounting 4.0 client/ server package includes eight accounting modules, plus an Internet Showroom, UPS MaxiShip, and mapping and security features.

The program includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Job Costing and Payroll modules. It features a Contact Manager, Scheduler, Asset Manager, Event Manager, Service Call Manager, and Time and Billing tool. It also includes a Microsoft JET 3.0 database retrieval engine, and an Explorer-like interface.

The Internet Showroom lets you create a Web page that showcases products and takes customer orders. The UPS MaxiShip software instantly processes shipping orders. Drill-down mapping lets you track expenditures and revenue geographically. U.A. Corporate Accounting is available in three formats: a basic package for small businesses, one for customization with Microsoft Access, and another for customization with Access and SQL Server.

Basic version, $495; Access version, $2,995; SQL Server version, $8,995
Advanced Software Development Corp.
800-859-6607, 504-851-6600


Top Feast on Financial Features Check Out These Figures Acoustic Accounting

Check Out These Figures

Statistics don't have to be pretty to be useful, but it sure makes them easier to look at all day. StatView, previously available only in a Macintosh version, now gives you an eye-pleasing way to look at stats in Windows as well.

The program stores data in a column/row spreadsheet format; you turn the information into tables and graphs. You can draw objects in the program's View window, and combine these objects with tables, graphs and text to create a colorful presentation. You can save any view as a template, making it easy to repeat complex tasks. StatView lets you customize bar, line and point charts, as well as scattergrams, histograms and box plots. In the View window, you can move drawn objects, graphs, tables and text anywhere you want them. You control the color of all objects.

Abacus Concepts
800-666-STAT, 510-540-1949

Business Maestro

Top Feast on Financial Features Check Out These Figures Acoustic Accounting

Acoustic Accounting

Running a corporation requires pinpoint coordination among departments and divisions. Business Maestro helps you bring all groups into harmony with its tools for business and strategic planning, financial modeling and budget management. It comes in two versions: Desktop for standalone use, and Enterprise for large, complex organizations. You can embed your company's accounts chart and product lines into Business Maestro. "What If" features anticipate how changes would affect your business.

Desktop version, $995; Enterprise version, $3,995
Planet Corp.
800-366-5111, 508-757-6555

Business Software In Brief

Have you ever wanted a Find command for people? Touch N'Go Enterprise Edition helps you track an unlimited number of employees at the touch of a button. The program lets you divide employees into as many as five groups or departments. It uses green, red or yellow codes to show if an employee is In, Out or Unavailable. A mini-screen shows the status of all employees. From a drop-down menu, you can add status remarks including Lunch, Doctor and Vacation. You can update your display at any time.

Touch N'Go Systems
800-691-6333, 907-264-6333

Looking to invest in the stock market or expand your portfolio? ProSearch 5.0 can help. The software lets you select from 30 sample searches to find potential investments. Or you can create your own custom search by using up to 40 technical and fundamental criteria to identify the type of stocks you want. ProSearch 5.0 works with any charting or analysis software.

$249; upgrade, $149
800-324-4692, 713-588-9700

It's never too early to worry about retiring, or at least to dream about it. RetireReady is a retirement guide and planner that helps you prepare for the blessed day. The program includes workshops that explain financial, Social Security and health issues, plus a resource database.

Individual Software
800-822-3522, 510-734-6767

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