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VendorPriceIn brief (issue reviewed) Box score
Peachtree Complete Accounting
Peachtree Software 770-564-5800$199Complete accounting and financial-management tools for expanding businesses. (8/96) 5.0
Contact Manager
WinSales 3.1
WinSales 206-747-2464 $495Sales reps will appreciate its persistence. (7/95) 4.0
Quicken ExpensAble 2.0
Intuit 520-295-3220 $49.95An envelope metaphor makes sure nothing slips through the cracks. (7/96) 4.0
Investor Insight
Intuit 415-944-6000 $9.95-$19.95/ monthOne of the best for tracking competition and fine-tuning investments. (8/96) 5.0
NetManage 408-973-7171 $139Offers great customization, workgroup scheduling and file synchronization. (9/95) 4.0
Business Matters 617-899-8700 $995Works with as much information as you can give it. (2/96) 4.5
Microsoft Financial Manager
Microsoft Corp. 800-426-9400$99.95Joins accounting with a spreadsheet's modeling, analysis and reporting for small businesses. (5/96) 4.5
Quicken Financial Planner 2
Intuit 415-944-6000$39.95An inexpensive must-have for employees (and employers) as a retirement planning tool. (7/96) 5.0
Project Management
SureTrak Project Manager 1.5
Primavera Systems 610-667-8600$299Has tools for budgeting labor and material resources. (2/96) 4.0
OnTime Enterprise
Campbell Services 810-559-5955 $427Usability improvements highlight this mature group scheduling product for NetWare 3.0. (1/96) 4.5
Tax Management
TurboTax for Business
Intuit 520-295-3110$69.95It may let you smile on April 15. (2/96) 5.0
QmodemPro 2.0
Mustang Software 805-873-2500 $12932-bit communications software offers support for BBSes, including RIP graphics, inside Windows 95. (12/95) 3.5
File Transfer
LapLink for Windows 95
Traveling Software 206-483-8088$149Simpler use for beginners and plenty of advanced features for pros. (4/96) 4.0
Remote Control
Norton pcAnywhere32
Symantec Corp. 541-334-6054$149Wizards link you with what you left in the office. Well integrated with Windows 95. (2/96) 4.0
FocalPoint 5.0
Global Village Communication 408-523-1000 $99Provides data, fax, Internet, voice, paging and speakerphone tools; especially good for the traveler. (7/96) 4.0
Terminal Emulation
Extra Personal Client 6.1
Attachmate 206-644-4010$425Accessing a host has never been easier. (7/96) 4.0
FileMaker Pro 3.0
Claris Corp. 408-727-8227 $199FileMaker is now relational. It eschews programming for a script language. (1/96) 3.5
Visual dBASE 5.5
Borland International 800-233-2444 $349.95Build databases using point-and-click or code-twiddling. (8/95) 4.0
Delphi 2.0
Borland International 408-431-1000 $500Adds support for Windows 95 and NT. (3/96) 5.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0
Microsoft Corp. 800-719-5577$499Everything you need for development in one integrated environment. (4/96) 4.5
Browser Netscape
Navigator Gold 2.0
Netscape Communications 415-528-2555$79Adds editing tools to the great Web browser. (6/96) 4.5
Web Authoring, Entry-Level
DeltaPoint 408-648-4000$99.95You no longer need any Web authoring experience to build a site. (5/96) 3.5
Web Authoring, Professional
HotDog Pro 2.0
Anawave Software 714-250-7259$79.95Longtime king of shareware Web editors, HotDog offers power and ease of use. (6/96) 4.5
Web Authoring, Professional
Web Publisher 1.1
SkiSoft Publishing Corp. 617-863-1876$495 Especially for those who need to publish existing paper documents on the Web. (6/96) 4.0
Web-Site Management
WebAnalyzer 1.0
InContext Systems 416-922-0087$149Web-site mapper finds broken links; an important weapon in a Webmaster's arsenal. (6/96) 4.5
3-D Design
Extreme 3D
Macromedia 415-252-2000 $699Animation and multimedia capabilities make it perfect for use in both Director and Authorware. (4/96) 4.5
Harvard ChartXL 2. 0
Software Publishing Corp. 408-537-3000 $149Outstanding for creating business, financial, technical and statistical graphs in Windows 95. (12/95) 3.5
Visio 4.0
Visio Corp. 800-248-4746 $149Assign data to objects, summarize numbers and use MS Office 95's Binders. (10/95) 4.0
Desktop Publishing
PageMaker 6.0
Adobe Systems 206-470-7000 $895Frame-free layouts, new drawing tools and plenty of mouse-activated menus. (10/95) 4.0
CorelXARA 1.1
Corel Corp. 613-728-3733 $289Anti-aliasing, bitmap support and unique special effects. (3/96) 4.0
Multimedia Authoring
Macromedia Director 5
Macromedia 415-252-2000$850Director 5 retains its position as the premier multimedia authoring program. (5/96) 4.5
Fractal Design Painter 4
Fractal Design Corp. 408-688-5300 $549The most innovative, natural media paint program on the market. (3/96) 4.5
Presentation, Entry-Level
ASAP WordPower 1.95
Software Publishing Corp. 408-537-3000$99 Great-looking presentations without the pain; plenty of built-in smarts. (3/96) 5.0
Presentation, Professional
Lotus Freelance Graphics 96
617-577-8500$355Sleek and powerful presentation graphics package for Windows 95. (9/95) 3.5
Video Editing
Adobe Premiere 4.2
Adobe Systems 415-961-4400 $795A must-have for heavy video in multimedia authoring. (6/96) 4.5
OmniForm 2.0
Caere Corp. 408-395-7000 $349Ease of use is enhanced in version 2.0 by the new wizards. (3/96) 4.0
Collabra Share 2.0
Netscape Communications 415-528-2555 $995Uses your installed VIM or MAPI e-mail system to create a groupware environment. (1/96) 4.5
OmniPage Pro 7.0
Caere Corp. 408-395-7000 $499; $129 upgradeThe best interface and a clever wizard make this the easiest product to turn the printed word into electronic form. (7/96) 3.5
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Corp. 800-426-9400 $339More Wizards and smarts make this one a pleasure to use. For Windows 95. (11/95) 4.0
ClarisWorks 4.0
Claris Corp. 408-727-8227 $49Full-featured word processor, database and spreadsheet. For Windows 95. (2/96) 4.5
Microsoft Office
800-426-9400 $499Takes advantage of the best of Win95, especially the 32-bit-wide data path. (11/95) 4.0
Word Processor
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Corp. 800-426-9400 $339Spell-check on the fly and use the terrific customizability. For Windows 95. (9/95) 4.0
Word Processor
WordPerfect 6.1*
801-765-4000 $395It offers superior file handling and a great interface. (3/95) 5.0
Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus
S&S Software International 617-273-7400 $125Get a healthy dose of preventive medicine for Windows 95. (1/96) 4.5
Seagate Backup
Seagate Software 407-333-7500 $99Has long-filename support and Registry backup in Windows 95. (3/96) 4.5
Keyboard Express 1.1
Insight Software Solutions 801-295-1890 $24.95Generates an editable keystroke file that can be played back at the press of a hotkey. Great time-saver for Win95. (7/96) 4.0
ColorFast 1.0
LaserTools Corp. 510-420-1319 $40Includes drivers and excellent color control for popular HP and Canon ink jet printers. (5/96) 4.0
System Enhancer
PowerDesk 1.0
MicroHelp 770-516-0899 $49.95Puts menus, applications and monitors within easy reach on your Win95 Desktop. (1/96) 4.5
CleanSweep 95*
Quarterdeck Corp. 310-309-3700 $29.95Lose unwanted files easily. (1/96) 4.5

*Not formally reviewed-consensus of WINDOWS Magazine editors.