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August 1996 Superior Shareware

Compiled by Tom Ponzo and Paul Silverman

This shareware (and more, and in some cases, more recent versions) is available online.

Access ELF 3.3

Access ELF 3.3 integrates with your MS Access database to provide a natural-language interface. Users can ask questions in plain English and watch as the add-on goes to work generating reports, graphs and tables of requested data. For example, you can ask a corporate database to "Show the employees hired between May 1, 1992 and June 1, 1993"; Access ELF will display a fully sorted data list. An extensive Help file is also included.

$79 (plus $6 shipping)
ELF Software
210 W. 101 St.
New York, NY 10025

Click here to download this shareware.

AccountPro/Win95 5.01

This double-entry financial planner is suitable for business and private use. Itís network-capable and can handle up to 2,000 books with 1,000 accounts and 16,300 transactions each. AccountPro supports automatic entry of tax transactions, and you can use any of the included standard charts and templates to help set up shop quickly.

Seestrasse 80
CH-8712 Staefa

AP501A.ZIP, 1.27MB
AP501B.ZIP, 1.09MB
Click here to download the first file required for this shareware.
Click here to download the second file required for this shareware.

HyperNotes 1.21

Organize the clutter of messages and notes on your desk with this free-form text manager and database. HyperNotes lets you create text messages, store them automatically and create keyword indexes. You can quickly retrieve, search for or edit a note or group of notes, and even link between documents, bitmaps and multimedia files. The program will also run on a network, allowing multiple users to share linked documents.

Amber Timbre Software
PO Box 380732
East Hartford, CT 06138

Requires VBRUN300.DLL
Click here to download this shareware.

Microangelo 2.0

Microangelo is a powerful editor and designer that provides access to icons of all sizes and color formats used by Windows 95. It supports viewing and editing of multiple image formats within an icon and can quickly locate specific icons on your system. You can even edit or create animated cursors. A variety of configurations are available to match your specific needs.

Complete configuration, $59.95 (plus $2 shipping)
Impact Software
PO Box 457
Chino, CA 91708

Click here to download this shareware.

PowerDesk 1.1

Make Win95 run the way you want with PowerDesk. The package includes two basic components--the Toolbar and ExplorerPlus--to help you customize your Desktop. The Toolbar provides single-click access to files, folders, applications and basic Win95 functions; ExplorerPlus lets you quickly view a fileís contents, drag and drop files for easy management, and access any drive on your system with a mouse click.

$44.95 (plus $5.95 shipping)
4211 J.V.L. Industrial Park Dr.
Marietta, GA 30066

Click here to download this shareware.

Search and Replace for Windows 95/NT 2.61

This powerful utility can automatically search multiple or specific files, directories and subdirectories for multi-line strings. You can specify a case-sensitive search and file types, auto-backup files before theyíre replaced, and even search for and replace special ASCII characters and codes. Youíll have to register the product to enable the replace function.

$20 (plus $3 shipping)
Funduc Software
PO Box 530904
Livonia, MI 48153

Click here to download this shareware.

VBSys 3.4

This system monitor has been completely revamped since we last reviewed it in June 1995. Rewritten as a 32-bit app, it displays hard drive space, RAM drives, free memory, swap-file usage, CPU usage, number of processes running, date and time--all in one small window. The interface is completely customizable and includes a built-in timer and program launcher.

Michael Krane
4 Azurean Ct.
Mount Sinai, NY 11766

Click here to download this shareware.

VidFun 1.8

This program is a combination multimedia viewer/player, slide show, screen saver and image utility that will support just about any file format you can find, including MPEG, JPEG, .AVI, DAT, PhotoCD and MIDI. It includes an image processor and editor, and can quickly organize audio, video and graphics files to create instant multimedia presentations. It also integrates as a helper app for your Web browser.

$35.00 (plus $10 shipping)
Applied Insights
Attn: Lawrence Gozum
100 Oriole Pkwy. #310
Toronto, Ontario M5P 2G8

Requires VBRUN300.DLL
Click here to download this shareware.

Winks 4.1

Based on DOSís Kwikstat, Winks is a statistical data-analysis and graphing program that includes dozens of standard tests and high-quality graphs. You can perform multiple comparisons to pinpoint pair-wise differences. Winks is compatible with dBASE, ASCII and 1-2-3 files, and includes a handy Help file with step-by-step examples.

PO Box 1169
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Click here to download this shareware.

Word Express 95

This powerful MS Word alternative offers basic word processing features, plus a number of trimmings. It includes support for drag-and-drop editing, columns, pictures, tables, e-mail, fax and OLE 2.0. You can even organize text into specific sections and chapters to help create tables of contents for your documents. Latest version: 2.0.

MicroVision Development
PO Box 3010
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Click here to download this shareware.

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