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Power Any Hour As Cells Tell Apps to Close

By John J. Yacono

Most desktop uninterruptible power supplies respond to a power failure by squeezing a few minutes of juice from their batteries while you shut things down in an orderly fashion-if you happen to be there. SL Waber's UPStart detects a power failure and switches to battery power in less than 4 milliseconds. It then saves your data and shuts down your apps.

UPStart signals the host PC via its serial port and then kicks off its Electronic Bookmark Save-and-Restore software. The program saves all open files in a subdirectory specific to that power failure, rather than overwriting incompletely edited files. It also notes what applications are open, closes them, exits Windows and turns off battery power.

When power is restored, UPStart turns on the PC, opens applications and files, and returns the cursor to its location at the time the power quit.

The UPStart's dual 250VA backup-power outputs will sustain power for up to five minutes. Each time you turn the master power switch on, the unit checks for overloads to ensure that it can support the system and monitor.

Phone jacks on the back of the unit protect your modem and PC from phone-line surges. You can use UPStart as a power center, too, because it has separate switches for a monitor, a printer and two auxiliary outlets. Those outlets are surge protected, but not supported by backup power.

The UPStart delivers more than any combination of discrete UPS, power center and surge suppressor-and is more cost effective than buying all three separately.

-- Info File --
SL Waber UPStart
Pros: Application/data protection; built-in power center
Cons: Shutting down LapLink95
Platforms: Windows 95, 3.1x
SL Waber
800-634-1485, 609-866-8888
WinMag Box Score 4.5
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