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8/96 Reviews SW: CyberPilot Pro

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Spider Maps the Tangled Web

By Cynthia Morgan

I've never yearned for my own personal spider, but then I never thought I'd spend half my time in a Web either. The personal spiders of CyberPilot Pro provide me with valuable Web site maps I can use to drill down to the information I really need.

Spiders, crawlers and bots, also known as intelligent agents, automate what has to be the worst Web task: finding fresh information. Large search sites such as Alta Vista, Lycos and Yahoo use them to "mine" Web documents for updates, following links to new pages and returning with up-to-date Web site outlines.

Similarly, you can point CyberPilot's personal spiders at a Web site and they'll assemble a map of the site's graphics, links, documents, multimedia elements, services and gateways. In collapsible outline form, the resulting NetCarta WebMap can be filtered and searched offline. You can update a site map, gather site statistics and view your map according to links, page element types or document names. It's a great tool for examining a Web or intranet site's structure, organization and content.

Put enough spiders on a server and you'll severely impact performance. CyberPilot gets around that by letting you link your WebMap to your Website; other Web mapping tools simply retrieve your map. You also can customize a map to hide certain pages or add labels to make your page outlines more understandable.

Exploring a Web site thoroughly is a slow process; CyberPilot lets you stop a crawl, if neccessary. In my tests on our own WinMag Web site, I "crawled" 153 pages using a 56Kb per second Internet connection. CyberPilot mapped 62 images, three gateways, 406 links to other pages/sites and four accesses to outside Internet services. That crawl took about 10 minutes. It took a bit over a half hour when I chose to verify links. Performance, of course, depends on bandwidth.

The program is available for a free 30-day trial at NetCarta's Web site,, and you'll also find thousands of maps for popular sites. Installation is straightforward, although it took several tries to get the program to accept our network's proxy-server address.

Info File
CyberPilot Pro
Pros: Timesaving offline browse tool
Cons: Mapping takes time
Platforms: Windows 95, NT
Disk Space: 2.5MB
NetCarta Corp.
800-461-2449, 408-461-8920
WinMag Box Score: 3.5
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