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8/96 Reviews SW: Smart Marketing Suite

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App Hits Direct-Mail Suite Spot

By Joel T. Patz

Smart Marketing Suite can help level the direct-mail playing field for small businesses, giving them the savings advantages normally reserved for mass-mailing houses.

The suite's two applications, AccuMail and ProSort, help you correct addresses, reduce undeliverable mail, simplify reporting requirements and maximize postage discounts.

The package's SMS Director helps build a task list, such as adding zip+4 codes to a data file and then presorting it for a monthly mailing. It helps select the data file and type, then maps data to address fields.

Enter your own mailing specifications, such as your first- and/or third-class permit numbers. Then schedule projects for immediate or delayed execution. you can assign a database to a project-a perfect solution if you use addresses from several databases. Once you run a project, the Smart Marketing Suite summarizes how many corrections have been made and can print the required CASS 3553 form.

AccuMail includes a lookup feature to fix addresses. You can view address data on the bundled CD. The app fixes addresses to conform to U.S. Postal Service standards, even correcting misspelled street names. The starter CD will be updated when you register.

The second program, ProSort, creates bulk-mailing information. It sorts by tray or flat, presorts for third class by 3 or 5 digits within zip codes, and finds maximum discounts. It also creates sack and tray labels and tags, counts trays and packages, adds PostNet bar codes to labels, and prints just about any required USPS form.

Info File
Smart Marketing Suite
Suite, $1,369; AccuMail, $995; ProSort, $595
Pros: Direct-mail management
Cons: None
Platforms: Windows 95, 3.1x, NT
Disk Space: 8MB
Group 1 Software
800-368-5806, 301-731-2300
WinMag Box Score: 4.0
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