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Listing of August 1996 New Products Categories

Top CorelWeb.Graphics Suite Web Office NetMC Graphics In Brief

CorelWeb.Graphics Suite

Pretty, Potent Web Page Tools

Certain product names speak for themselves. Take CorelWeb.Graphics Suite. You guessed it: It's a suite of Corel graphics programs for creating and sprucing up Web sites.

The package includes CorelWeb.Designer, CorelWeb.Transit, CorelWeb.Gallery, CorelWeb.Draw, CorelWeb.Move and CorelWeb.World. Designer is a WYSIWYG HTML authoring tool with more than 120 predesigned templates. Transit converts documents created in popular word processing programs into HTML format.

Gallery is a library of more than 8,000 graphic files and over 200 photos custom-made for the Internet. Draw brings CorelDRAW features to the Internet, Move lets you create moving animations and World is a VRML authoring program licensed from ParaGraph that lets you build 3-D spaces. The suite lets you turn graphics into Java applets, then insert them into your Web page.

Corel Corp.
800-772-6735, 613-728-3733

Top CorelWeb.Graphics Suite Web Office NetMC Graphics In Brief

Web Office

Web Dr. Examines Your Sites

Checking and maintaining links and graphics can drain your creativity when building Web sites. The Web Office authoring suite features the Web Doctor, which detects and reports broken links and missing images, pages and graphics. The Web Doctor also forecasts the typical download time for each page, based on whether you're using a 28.8 Kbps, a 14.4 Kbps or an ISDN modem.

For authoring, the suite provides Microsoft's Internet Assistant for Word and the Paint Shop Pro graphics editor.

The suite's other components include Hotspot Studio for creating hot-spot images and corresponding image map files, HTML Toolkit with a Web Graphics Library and Web Graphics Locator, and Help-to-HTML Converter for turning hypertext documents into Windows Help files. Mastering HTML is a guide to HTML authoring. The Graphics Library has over 180 images, including backgrounds, starbursts, bullets, buttons and balls.

Blue Sky Software Corp.
800-571-9764, 619-459-6365

Top CorelWeb.Graphics Suite Web Office NetMC Graphics In Brief


Build Sound Sites, Fast

Even if you're new to multimedia Web authoring, you can have a site with video and sound up and running in a flash. NetMC is a multimedia site creation tool aimed at novices.

The program includes samples to help you design and produce Web pages with video and sound. Its timeline tool facilitates playback and interaction of audio, video, image and animation effects. NetMC's composed media plug-in technology reduces initial downloading time and increases playback quality.

Under $100
NEC Systems Laboratory
408-433-1358, fax 408-433-1448

Top CorelWeb.Graphics Suite Web Office NetMC Graphics In Brief

Graphics In Brief

MediaPaint 1.0 brings high-end special effects with workstation features to the Windows platform. MediaPaint has plug-in, time-based Lightning, Fireworks, Fire, Electrical Arcs, Lens Flare and Bubbles effects. You draw a path where you want the effect to take place, and MediaPaint produces the effect over a series of frames. The program controls the speed, density and other variables you set.

800-6-STRATA, 801-628-5218

If you're using the Micrografx ABC Graphics Suite, the ABC QuickSilver Pack lets you easily place and manipulate graphics inside Web pages. The CD-ROM is a plug-in for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. It includes predesigned Web pages for corporate and small business use, and collections of transparent GIFs and vector graphics.

800-676-3110, 214-234-1769

SmartView lets you enhance drawings and diagrams created with the Visio and Visio Technical graphics programs. With SmartView, you can integrate raster image data from over 40 file formats. The add-on program lets you include photos or scanned documents into Visio charts and graphics.

Hitachi Software Engineering America
800-447-2579, 303-449-3200
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