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7/96 Superior Shareware

Compiled by Paul Silverman and Tom Ponzo

Software Library

ClipMaster Pro 1.5

Store and manage your Clipboard entries with this handy app. Clip Master keeps a running index of notes and lets you paste a selected item into your current application. You can edit data and also use Clip Master as a print screen utility. Storage is limited only by available memory.

Hermco Systems
PO Box 556
New City, NY 10956


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FontReview 2.01

With this 32-bit software, you can view, print and install TrueType fonts directly from Win95. The viewer displays samples and character sets for installed and uninstalled fonts. FontReview is compatible with TTF files on floppy, CD-ROMs and hard drive directories, and lets you access file features with a right mouse-click.

Lose Your Mind Development
Bryan T. Kinkel
PO Box 302
Haverford, PA 19041

Requires VB40032.DLL

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The Graphics Factor 2.1

The Graphics Factory features an impressive set of tools for creating backgrounds, landscapes, repeatable tiles and more. Drawing types include lines, boxes, pixels storm, spheres and fractals; the effects palette includes transparency and filter options. Sixteen million colors are available per factory, and high or true color are recommended.

$39 (plus $3 shipping)
Kamyan Software
1228 Narragansett Dr.
Carol Stream, IL 60188


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NoteBook 3.9

Organize the clutter of reminders, messages and to-do's on your desk with NoteBook. This utility stores small notes and lists and organizes them into a table of contents. Changes are automatically saved, and you can mark notes to indicate importance or completion. Users can also insert a date and time stamp anywhere on a page.

Gregory Braun
5609 West Hadley St.
Milwaukee, WI 53210


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PSA Cards 2.7 for Windows 95/NT

Ideal for basic information management, this PIM offers an easy-to-use card-file interface for storing names, addresses and phone numbers. You can print Rolodex cards, envelopes, labels and address books. In addition, users can set reminders for birthdays and appointments, dial phone numbers and import ASCII data.

William L. Rogers
PSA Software
1319 Silk Oak Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80525


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ShowCIM 2.0

ShowCIM 2.0 can convert CompuServe filing cabinet messages into plain or delimited text formats suitable for database import. Features include variable margin size and line length, ASCII and ANSI character set support, line wrap switches and an append-to-output file option. You can also send a file directly to a printer.

Joerg Arnu, CompuServe ID: 100326,564

Requires DOS 3.0 or higher

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Time and Chaos32 5.1

The 32-bit version of this WinMag PIM favorite integrates with other Win95 and NT software to help with dialing the phone, sending faxes and email, visiting Web sites, mail-merging letters, mailing labels and envelopes and much more. The update offers the same top-notch scheduling, appointment tracking and address and contact management as its predecessor.

iSBiSTER International
1111 Belt Line Rd., Suite 75040
Garland, TX 75040

CHAOS32X.EXE (2.1MB), TC408.EXE (677KB)

Click here to download the 32-bit version of this shareware.

Click here to download the 16-bit version of this shareware.

TurboBrowser for Windows 95

This Explorer alternative offers enhanced viewing and searching capabilities and lets you copy, move, delete, convert, print, zip and organize files one at a time or all at once. File contents can be viewed in the Preview window, while the Searchbar lets you filter files by contents (exact or best match), date, size and attributes. Latest version: 5.2.

$49 (plus $8 shipping)
Pacific Gold Coast Corp.
Attn: Turbo Browser for Win95 Sales
15 Glen St.
Glen Cove, NY 11542


Click here to download this shareware.

WinTray 96

With Win Tray, you can add and run up to eight programs from the Win95 system tray. Using the included system browser, simply select the program you wish to place on the tray, restart Windows, then launch a program by double-clicking on the associated icon in the tray. You can also configure the icons for single-click launching.

$10 (plus $2.50 shipping)
G. L. Liadis Software
5167 1/2 Saling Ct.
Columbus, Ohio 43229


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WinView CoPilot 3.1

CoPilot acts as an add-on for whatever Windows shell you're using and provides quick access to a variety of features including utilities, program launchers, alarms and schedulers, plus a beefed-up version of Notepad. It also provides system resource information and a fully-customizable interface.

$39 (plus $10 shipping)
Bremer Corp.
3401 Cactus Wren Way
Austin, TX 78746


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