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Ergo Tube Projects Sharp Image

By Anne Hirs

My relationships with machines haven't always been easy, but I quickly established a rapport with the Digiview HR-1709D. The attractive 17-inch monitor is reasonably priced and presents soft, rich colors and images that are clear and well focused, right to the screen's edges. Its antiglare coating and low screen flicker allow comfortable viewing over lengthy periods.

This trim unit weighs 40.7 pounds and measures 16.7 by 16 by 16.7 inches. The monitor incorporates a DiamondTron tube with a 16.1-inch diagonal viewable screen. It also has a fine 0.25-millimeter aperture-grille pitch and a 1600x1200 maximum non-interlaced resolution. The horizontal scan frequency ranges from 24kHz to 82kHz and the vertical scan frequency is 50Hz to 120Hz.

When tested with Sonera Technologies' DisplayMate benchmark suite at 800x600 resolution, the HR-1709D performed particularly well on the resolution, focus and video bandwidth tests. These qualities determine a display's overall image sharpness. Other tests revealed slight geometric distortion and some moirè patterns, but, all in all, the test results were superior. This lovely monitor is a pleasure to use, and should serve well for day-to-day tasks or graphical design work.

The monitor's case is simple and elegant. On the back panel is the on/off power button. Located below the screen, the control panel includes an Autopicture button, a Recall button and a large function button that accesses the on-screen controls. Also on the front panel is the Soft Power switch, which puts the monitor into the power-saving off mode.

Using the on-screen display system is not entirely intuitive, so read the user manual. The OSD becomes easier to use after some practice, and you'll be rewarded, as it manages a wide assortment of functions. Functions include contrast, brightness, horizontal/vertical size, horizontal/vertical centering, pincushion, trapezoid, rotation, purity and degauss. However, it lacks a control to adjust moirè distortion, which would have been helpful.

The HR-1709D's power-saving feature complies with the VESA DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) standard. The monitor can shift into six different modes, including standby, suspend and two off modes. Other features include Plug-and-Play compatibility and compliance with the MPRII and EPA Energy Star standards. It comes with a tilt-and-swivel base and a two-year full warranty.

In desktop publishing, graphical design or everyday work, a monitor's ergonomics and image quality are important. With the Digiview HR-1709D you'll have both, and at a fair price.

Info File
Digiview HR-1709D
Pros: Focus; energy conservation
Cons: Some moirè distortion
Platforms: Windows 95
Digiview Technology
818-854-8218, fax 818-854-8289
WinMag Box Score: 4.0
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