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Slim UPS Sparks Interest

By Joel T. Patz

Space-saving design and high-level protection capability have come together in Tripp Lite's new TouchMaster UPS Model TM-420. This unobtrusive and effective UPS provides backup power for your PC while offering fingertip control of attached equipment. Its sleek new profile sits comfortably under your monitor.

Weighing in at 17 pounds, the TM-420 measures 2.25 by 13.25 by 11.75 inches and comes with a 6-foot power cord. It's designed to be placed between your computer and monitor and will easily support a standard 17- or 20-inch monitor (up to 175 pounds). Even if your computer is floor mounted, you'll be pleased by the space you save. You'll also like the way you can individually control any equipment plugged into the six outlets on the rear of the unit.

In addition to the master switch, there are four push-button switches and LED indicators on TouchMaster's front panel to control the Printer, Monitor, Accessory and Auxiliary functions of the rear-mounted outlets. Four diagnostic LEDs relay the TM-420's operating status: low battery, battery on, line on and line fault. An audible alarm alerts you to power problems. A test switch and static discharge pin complete the well-organized front panel. You'll also find an outlet for the computer and one unswitched outlet for a clock, lamp or peripheral you don't want turned off. For easy visibility, the outlets are labeled along the unit's rear top edge. All outlets are surge protected; the computer, monitor and accessory outlets are battery backup protected.

Another nice feature is the included pair of RJ-11 phone input/output connectors, which will protect modems and fax machines against spikes and surges on telephone lines.

The TouchMaster's 420VA capacity will supply backup power for a typical desktop system for 17 minutes at half load and 6 minutes at full load, with a transfer time of 2 to 4 milliseconds. Surge and spike protection handles up to 120,000 amps with 1,500 joules of energy absorption. For your fax and modem, there's a clamping voltage peak of 200 volts, plus or minus 10 percent.

The TouchMaster UPS provides peace of mind in the event of unstable electrical service. It also lets you switch off components, which is a real convenience.

--Info File--
Tripp Lite TouchMaster UPS Model TM-420
$200 (street)
Pros: Size; effectiveness
Cons: Can't use with transformers
Tripp Lite
312-755-5401, fax 312-644-6505
WinMag Box Score: 4.0

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