Summer 96 Special Issue

Just Do It!

Donna Tapellini, WINDOWS Magazine's senior editor, features and columns, welcomes you to this special issue.

Test It

When you turn on your PC in the morning, do you get the feeling it's not performing up to par? Fire up WINDOWS Magazine's exclusive Wintune diagnostic software for a look at the inner workings of your system the Wintune guided tour Make the most of Wintune with our step-by-step, screen-by-screen tour

  • Wintune 95 Guided Tour

    Tune It

    Once you run a Wintune analysis of your system, the software provides lots of tips and help that specifically address your PC's problems. Take our advice and implement Wintune's suggestions. Here's how

    Upgrade It

    Is your PC still feeling a little sluggish? The four articles in this section-CPU, Memory, Hard Disk and Video-show you when (and how) to upgrade your components. We also advise when it's wise to throw in the towel and spring for a new computer

  • Upgrade It: CPU

  • Upgrade It: Hard Disk

  • Upgrade It: Memory

  • Upgrade It: Video

    Win 100 hardware awards

    Here's this year's A-list of hot hardware products. From systems to PCMCIA, portables to integrated hardware, the Win 100 Hardware Awards have you covered. Don't go shopping without our list

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