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6/96 New Products: Programming

Listing of all June 1996 new product categories

Orpheus 2.0

Orpheus to the Rescue

Orpheus 2.0 breathes life into your Delphi application's data entry screens. This collection of two dozen data entry components can validate entry fields for string, numeric, currency and date/time variables. It can also display a list box with unlimited capacity and multicolor items, as well as display text in a notebook with multi-row side and top tabs that you can augment with icons and labels.

Orpheus includes a text editor with real-time word wrap and 16MB file capacity; a table component that can support 16,000 columns and 2 billion rows; spinners; a calendar control; and a field array editor.

The entry fields, text editor, table and field array editor also come in data-aware versions for easy connection to any Delphi database. You can use Orpheus 2.0 to write apps for 16- or 32-bit platforms.

TurboPower Software Co.
800-333-4160, 719-260-9136


Teach VB Apps to Speak Delphi

If you want to translate your Visual Basic projects to Delphi, VB2D can save thousands of hours of programming. VB2D can translate an average of 90 percent of your Visual Basic 3.0 code to Delphi 1.0 or 2.0. The translation handles variants, control and form arrays, and redimensionable arrays, and inserts precedence adjustments when necessary. VB2D provides a diagnostic report and a list of warning messages cross-referenced to lines in the Delphi code, and provides usage cross-references for variables, procedures, functions, object properties and methods.

The Professional Edition includes source code for all program components, and creates detailed analysis reports. The software's maker, Eagle Research, is planning a VB2D version that accepts Visual Basic 4.0 as a source language.

Standard Edition, $150; Professional Edition, $450
Eagle Research
415-495-3136, fax 415-495-3638

Data Widgets 2.0

On the Data Front (End)

Data Widgets 2.0 puts a set of 16- and 32-bit OLE controls at your fingertips for easier development of database applications. Built from the ground up, the toolkit includes sophisticated grid, drop-down list and combo-box controls. The DataGrid control allows you to edit an entire record set, regardless of size, using grids that are functionally and visually consistent with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic 4.0. You can control fonts, colors, pictures and text in any column, row or individual cell.

$139; upgrade, $59
Sheridan Software Systems
800-VB-DIRECT, 516-753-0985
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