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6/96 New Products: E-Mail

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Pronto96 3.0

Speak Easily over the Net

Sometimes it's faster and simpler to express your ideas aloud rather than in writing. The Pronto96 3.0 32-bit e-mail package lets you do it either way, relaying both spoken and written messages over the Internet.

With Pronto96's sound recorder icon, you can record your speech as a Windows voice file, then send it as an e-mail attachment using MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) format.

A TCP/IP mail client, Pronto96 recognizes URLs and ftp paths, and it automatically launches your Web browser or ftp utility when you click on it. Pronto96 runs on Windows 95 or NT, and offers a Win95-style interface. It supports long filenames and universal naming convention (UNC). The program also includes a multilingual spell checker.

$69 (direct)
CommTouch Software
408-245-TOUCH, fax 408-245-3466

OpenSoft ExpressMail

Secure Your E-Mail

You take your chances when you send e-mail on the Internet, since it can be intercepted at any point. OpenSoft ExpressMail secures your Internet e-mail, runs right from the Windows 95/NT Inbox and is easy to set up.

ExpressMail uses RSA Data Security's S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) encryption standard and takes advantage of VeriSign Digital IDs, which verify the sender and receiver's identities and authority. When e-mail is sent, the program pulls the receiver's security information from a DCS (Distributed Certificate Server) and does the encryption and decryption. ExpressMail works with all e-mail packages-even if the recipient does not use ExpressMail. The client and server software are available separately.

$270 complete system
800-996-OPEN, fax 212-260-0592

TeamWARE Messaging Server

Serving Protocols

TeamWARE Internet Messaging Server knows enough protocols to please even Miss Manners. The Internet-based messaging groupware supports POP and SMTP, as well as Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP), a remote client access standard, and MIME, an SMTP extension that allows audio and video electronic mail attachments. The server can support e-mail, Web services and intranets. It's aimed at ISPs and corporations migrating from LAN-based mail.

10 users, $490; client, $20
888-248-4273, fax 408-456-7272
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