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6/96 New Products: Web Software

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Pan for Gold on the Net

Want to make your Web site a real hands-on experience? Prospector allows surfers to navigate your site using touch-screen technology. The browser lets you showcase your site and display advertising in WebStations using a touch-sensitive public kiosk or tabletop touch monitor-which brings your Web site to those without Internet access. Prospector can also be used on an intranet.

Based on Spyglass Mosaic, Prospector's screens have a simple interface consisting of five navigation keys, a help button and optional print button. "Attract screens," created with a wizard or imported from an HTML authoring package, introduce customers to Web sites linked to your WebStation.

Prospector is made by MicroTouch Systems, which manufactures touch screens. But the browser is designed to work with all touch screens.

$595; bundle packages with touch screens, from $999
MicroTouch Systems
800-870-8682, 508-659-9000

Internet With An Accent

Speaking Your Language

Jump into the online melting pot with Internet With An Accent. This Web suite lets users author, publish and read content on the Net in more than 30 languages using the suite's Multilingual Mosaic, Publisher, MailPad and Viewer.

Using the Mosaic browser as a standalone or an add-on, you can program options into a page that allow you to view a site in the language of your choice. The Publisher utility lets users create Web pages in Latin, non-Latin and bidirectional alphabets all in the same document.

In addition, you can create, send and receive e-mail in multiple languages with the MailPad feature. The Viewer supports columns and tables and other advanced formatting.

Accent Worldwide
800-535-5256, 714-223-0620


Put a Spell On E-Mail

Why give up spell-checking when you communicate over the Internet?

CyberSpell uses a database of more than 159,000 words to spell-check and proofread your Internet e-mail. It installs itself as a pull-down menu in Netscape Navigator 2.0 and can handle information such as e-mail addresses, URLs and ftp addresses. CyberSpell's proofing features check for context-sensitive errors and formatting, punctuation and spacing mistakes.

$24.95 (direct)
Inso Corp.
800-333-1395, 617-753-6500
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