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6/96 New Products: Networking

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DPT SmartCache IV

Prepare SCSI Host for a RAID

Besides providing a SCSI connection, the DPT SmartCache IV SCSI adapters also let you add hardware-based RAID to entry-level and midrange servers. The SmartCache IV family includes one ISA-to-SCSI, two EISA-to-SCSI and eight PCI-to-SCSI adapters. All are SCSI-3 compliant and backwards compatible, and they support 16-bit Wide SCSI providing up to at least 20MBps throughput. The higher-end adapters use a faster microprocessor and Ultra Wide SCSI models provide up to 40MBps throughput.

The SmartCache IV RAID/Caching modules plug into the SCSI adapters and support RAID levels 0, 1 and 5. They support up to 64MB of hardware cache and accept either standard 72-pin SIMMs or DPT's Error Correcting Code (ECC) SIMMs. The ECC SIMMs are offered in 1MB, 4MB and 16MB capacities. They use an algorithm that corrects up to 32-bit memory errors.

The SmartCache IV's fault tolerance features include onboard alerts, integral diagnostics and bad block reassignment. They support Global Hot Spare for easy online replacement and rapid recovery from disk failure. Kits include an upgradable adapter, internal SCSI cable, complete driver support for all major operating systems and DPT storage management software.

SCSI adapters from $265 to $539; RAID modules from $505 to $2,280
Distributed Processing Technology
800-322-4378, 407-830-5522


Avoid Network Rush Hour

Traffic control isn't just something that gets you to and from the office. When administered on your network, it can help you work faster at the office. Netgain reduces network traffic by decreasing the load on your server and turning PCs into personal file clients.

The software keeps a cached copy of all network files accessed on a PC. Netgain then services subsequent requests for those files from the cache instead of the network server-avoiding network traffic.

Because the cache is on the client hard disk, cached files survive reboots. When a cache fills up, Netgain flushes older files that have been written back to the server. Netgain creates a 20MB cache by default, but you can set the cache from 10MB to the size of your available disk space. The software also shrinks the cache if another application requires disk space that is only available in the cache, but will not reduce the cache below the total size of all files in it. It leaves no files open across the LAN, which means no data is lost when the server is unavailable.

Netgain supports any type of server protocol and operating system.

$79.95 (street)
800-677-7876, 412-276-9600


Keep an 'I' Out

It's always nice to have an extra set of eyes on your network. IWatch monitors network components and alerts you when trouble arises. The software's graphical display shows the status of the monitored components, confirming your network connections.

When components fail to respond to network confirmation requests, IWatch initiates alarms either visually, audibly or through remote beeper. IWatch monitors system services like SNMP, DNS, NNTP, ftp and telnet.

$195 (direct)
617-676-5700, fax 617-676-5710
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