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6/96 New Products: Telephony

Listing of all June 1996 new product categories

Telephony Devices to Dial For

Your phone and PC are on the same desk, but are they on the same page? You'd better hope so. If your PC and telephone get along, you'll be able to communicate more effectively with the rest of the world. But it takes the right hardware and software to get those two devices in sync.

Connectware's latest releases will help. Cruiser 3.0 is a 32-bit enhancement of an integrated communications package. Cruiser allows for group scheduling, faxing, voice mail and e-mail over the LAN or over the Internet through Microsoft Exchange. The new version includes voice-mail capability and fax-on-demand. Its Auto Attendant automatically answers a call, plays a personalized list of caller options and routes the caller's response to the appropriate phone number. A 16-bit version-Cruiser 2.0-is also available.

PhoneWorks 28.8 To Go is a fax/voice PCMCIA card that brings voice mail and fax to the laptop. Its headset lets you make hands-free phone calls. The voice-mail software screens calls, provides Caller ID and lets you assign up to 10 mailboxes. It runs with Win95 and 3.1x.

The PhoneWorks ISDN line includes PCMCIA, external and ISA board models. Each system has a headset, boom mike and communications software.

Cruiser 3.0, $99; Cruiser 2.0, $99; PhoneWorks 28.8 To Go, $329; PhoneWorks ISDN, $389 to $619
800-357-0852, 214-997-4111

Focal Point

FocalPoint streamlines your communications functions by bringing fax, data, e-mail, Internet, voice mail, speakerphone and paging capabilities into one command center. You collect incoming faxes, voice and e-mail messages into a universal inbox, which also retrieves mail from online services and the Internet. You can view faxes, e-mail and attachments while in FocalPoint. The program stores telephone, fax, data, pager and e-mail addresses in a central address book.

Create a message, then send it to multiple recipients as a fax or e-mail message in one step. FocalPoint alerts you to incoming faxes, e-mail and voice messages. The 16-bit program uses the Windows 95 interface, and supports right menus and drag-and-drop.

Global Village Communication
800-329-9675, 408-523-1000

miroConnect 34 wave 1.5

The miroConnect 34 wave 1.5 telephony card adds digital simultaneous voice and data (DSVD) capabilities and Windows 95 support for its on-board speakerphone.

The hardware/software package also provides integrated voice mail, on-hold music, a full-duplex speakerphone with Caller ID and call screening, fax-back, pager notification of calls and faxes, a 28.8Kbps fax modem, Internet access and wavetable sound. A control panel lets you access all voice and fax functions from one place.

$299; free upgrade
miro Computer Products
800-549-MIRO, 415-855-0940


With the MultiModemZDX MT2834ZDXb, Multi-Tech breaks the speed limit for modem performance. The modem can hit 33.6Kbps on clean lines with maximum bandwidth and increases the current speed on lines operating at less than maximum bandwidth.

Multi-Tech Systems
800-328-9717, 612-785-35001

Network Printers

A Page Churner

A good network printer won't keep you waiting for your pages to clear or for constant paper-drawer refilling. The Lexmark Optra N prints at 24ppm-fast enough to keep everybody happy-and holds up to 3,100 sheets. This monochrome laser unit is the first Lexmark printer powered by an Intel chip-the 50HMz Intel i960 proces-sor. The Optra N has a 600x600dpi engine and prints 256 shades of gray.

Optra N 240 (4MB RAM), about $2,800; Optra N 245 (16MB RAM), about $4,000
Lexmark International
800-891-0331, 606-232-20002

Digital Cameras

Smile at the Camera

Polaroid enters the digital camera field with the Polaroid PDC-2000. The camera captures 24-bit color images that transfer to any computer and print at resolutions up to 1600x1200 pixels. The PDC-2000 stores 1MB of raw image data. Because it does not compress images, no image data or visual quality is lost, even when images are enlarged to 8 by 10. The PDC-2000 allows you to save images in super-high (1600x1200) or high resolution (800x600).

The PDC-2000 features an 11mm (38mm equivalent) wide-angle lens with a focal range of 10 inches to infinity. An optional 17mm (60mm equivalent) lens with a focal range of 4 inches to infinity is available. The camera's microprocessor automatically detects the lens' focal length and calibrates the exposure system. The PDC-2000 has a SCSI-2 interface, weighs 2 pounds and transfers images in from 12 to 38 seconds.

60-image storage, $4,995; 40-image storage, $3,694; direct connect (no internal memory), $2,995
Polaroid Corp.
800-816-2611 x868, 716-256-4436 x868
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