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6/96 Enterprise Windows: Product Pipeline

Compiled by Dave Raffo and William Gee


The InterServe family of enterprise servers is based on Windows NT Server and the Intel Pentium and Pentium Pro processors (available in multiprocessor configurations). Each system is configured with Microsoft Internet Information Server, Netscape Gold, MetaInfo DNS and Mail Servers, and Intergraph Transcend Natural Language Translator.

From $8,900
Intergraph Corp.


Digital's new workstations run NT or UNIX. The AlphaStation 255 entry-class workstations include 1MB of level 2 cache; a 128-bit memory bus; and four slots-two PCI, one PCI/ISA and one ISA. They support up to 6GB of internal storage in four drive bays. The AlphaStation 255 comes in 233MHz and 300MHz configurations. The midrange AlphaStation 500 is available in 266MHz, 333MHz and 400MHz configurations.

From $7,399 to $30,063
Digital Equipment Corp.
800-DIGITAL, 508-624-6400


This suite of five management utilities for NT and NetWare networks includes Desktop Manager, a 32-bit app with a Windows Explorer interface front end that provides a centralized desktop management console.

2-year subscription: $38 per node for 50 nodes; $26.60 per node for 1,000 licenses
McAfee Associates
408-988-3832, fax 408-970-9727


NeTpower moves from the Mips RISC architecture to standardization on Intel's Pentium Pro with its Calisto line of workstations. Calisto systems come in standard mini-tower configuration with a 200MHz Pentium Pro and include Windows NT workstation. Systems range from 32MB to 256MB of RAM.

$5,295 to $18,995
800-801-0900, 408-522-9999


AirSoft claims its remote-access node acceleration can boost performance by 200 to 400 percent. The new version is enterprise-ready and supports Win95. Powerburst is transparent to the user and completely software-based.

Agent, $995 (supports 64 concurrent sessions); client, from $49 per user
408-777-7500, fax 408-777-7527


The interactive 32-bit multimedia platform is a Web server with BBS features. Designed for Internet and intranet use, it offers e-mail, public and private conferencing, threaded messaging, individual and group chat, file-library access and Internet access through a built-in browser or the optional Internet Connectivity Package.

$149 for 2 nodes; $349 for 16 nodes; $699 for 32 nodes; ICP $249
Mustang Software
800-999-9619, 805-873-2500


The RMON-based remote network monitoring tool divides complex networks into smaller domains you can manage individually from a central workstation. DomainMeter 7000 works with Technically Elite's MeterWare monitoring software, as well as with the company's Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI probes.

$6,995; MeterWare for Windows NT, $2,995
Technically Elite
800-474-7888, 408-370-4300


These complete nonlinear online digital video-editing systems are configured with the Truevision Targa 2000 PCI and 1000 PCI component and composite video boards.

From $15,000
Avid Technology
800-949-2843, 508-640-6789


The MultiCruise's server component is based on Pentium or Pentium Pro processors that can be configured with up to 768MB of RAM and 24GB of storage. The CruisePAD wireless remote interface allows you to access data on the server. A single MultiCruise server can host up to 60 CruisePAD users.

$68,575 for 30-user system with dual 120MHz Pentium processors and 30 CruisePADs
Zenith Data Systems
800-533-0331, 847-808-5000


This advanced, object-oriented program lets you manage product data and business processes across the enterprise. Matrix 4.0 tracks complex data, workflow and communications elements through a graphical interface that shows you the product in question. Features include partitioned databases and a faster Find command.

From $25,000 for 20-user package; additional licenses $1,250 each
Adra Systems
800-366-2372, 508-937-3700