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By Fred Langa

The industry is reinventing itself, and so is WinMag.

The Explorer

By Mike Elgan

The nongraphical Net is dead; the Web rules.

Windows at Work

By Cheryl Currid

Competition is heating up now that the telecom bill is law.

Dialog Box

By Daryl Lucas

Moms everywhere will love the Internet Appliance.

How To

Optimizing Windows

By John Woram

Your mouse pointer may be trying to tell you something.


By Jim Boyce

Improved productivity is at your fingertips.

Power Windows

By Karen Kenworthy

Get the inside scoop on Windows' Registry.

Networking Windows

By Tom Henderson

Win95's connectivity just got smoother.

Windows NT

By John Ruley

Get the answers to all those pressing NT questions.

Programming Windows

By Martin Heller

Plug your Windows-based systems into the Net.

Cover Story

Portable Pop: Notebooks Boom at 133MHz

Imagine carrying the power of your desktop system on the road. With the latest crop of 133MHz Pentium notebooks, this dream comes closer to reality than ever before.


Stay on Top of Your Bottom Line

Got the bill-paying blues and a checkbook that's dangerously unbalanced? Let personal-finance software ease the burden. These sticklers for organization take the drudgery out of financial housekeeping.

Products We Love!

It's a wonderful life--every month, we get to see the latest, greatest products. We must admit some really hit home with our staff. Here's a sampling of the items on our current list of personal favorites.

Chart Your Course

If you're navigating the rocky waters of a business project, you need all the help you can get to stay on course. And the perfect planning tools are right at hand-in your trusty spreadsheet.

Customize Your Win95 Shell

Why settle for the way Windows 95 does things when you can make it work your way? Here's how.

The New Notebook

The new generation of notebooks offers larger, brighter displays, improved battery life and lots more.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

NT Revs into Fourth Gear

Microsoft's kickoff of the Windows NT 4.0 beta gives 100,000-plus users an early taste of what's coming for this flagship 32-bit operating system.

Contented Sighs for New Dimension

The engineers at Dell Computer are stretching the horizons of 166MHz Pentium machines with their new Dimension XPS P166s desktop.

Recommended List

Check out our complete list of recommended products, including the top systems, notebooks, hardware and software.

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