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May 96 Superior Shareware

Compiled by Tom Ponzo and Paul Silverman

Software Library

Ledger 4.0

And that's just what it is--a ledger. The program keeps track of total income, expense totals and net totals on expenses or loans. Ledgers can be combined to create quarterly, mid-year and annual reports. A built-in calculator includes functions you won’t find on the standard Windows calculator.
U.S. Yankees Software
PO Box 324
Etna, OH 43018
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NET TOOB Multimedia Player 2.03a

NET TOOB automatically installs itself as a helper app for Netscape and most other Web browsers, and plays all digital video formats found on the Net. The program launches a separate window for video playback when you click on and download any MPEG, MPEG I, .AVI or .MOV file. An upgrade for real-time audio and video playback is planned.

Duplexx Software
35 Congress St.
Salem, MA 01970

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Page Focus 3.1

Use this utility to create and design forms, documents and catalogs. It includes a run-time program (EX.EXE) you can use to enter data into documents or forms you create, or to view files created by Page Focus. You can also save data to create your own database.

$29 (plus $5 shipping)
Creative Stars
PO Box 2794
Redmond, WA 98073
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SnagIt Twin Pack 3.1

This screen-capture utility includes both 16- and 32-bit versions; it lets you print, file or e-mail full-screen images, windows or specific regions. Users can save images in .PCX, .JPG, .TIF or .BMP files, or copy them to the Clipboard for use in other apps. SnagIt supports DDE and MAPI, as well as all Windows video modes and rastering printers.

TechSmith Corp.
PO Box 4758
East Lansing, MI 48826
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The Small Utilities 2.0

These Windows 3.1x and Win95 mini-enhancers include a fast file manager, Notepad alternative, uncompressor, hexadecimal calculator, and standalone shutdown and run apps. The program also comes with a toolbar, letting you access all the utilities and the help file from a central location.

Scott McMahan
30 Clairmont Ave. #A8
Asheville, NC 28804
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This software lets you test, open, list or expand zipped archives created under any version of Windows (using FlashPoint Windows Zip Navigator), under DOS (with PKZIP), or under DOS, OS/2, UNIX, Amiga and other operating systems (using utilities from various third parties).

FlashPoint Development
PO Box 270492
Houston, TX 77277
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Vulcan Notes

Vulcan Notes is the perfect tool for keeping track of all the reminders you tend to misplace. Instead of fumbling through wads of sticky paper, this multifunction app keeps your notes electronic--and organized. You can take phone messages, jot down ideas and set up a to-do list. The software also includes an alarm. Latest versions: 2.13, Win95; 1.14, Win 3.x.

Vulcan Technology
PO Box 6064
Longmont, CO 80501
VNOTES.ZIP (262KB); VN95.ZIP (292KB)
Click Here to download the 32-bit version of this shareware.

Click Here to download the 16-bit version this shareware.

Win-eXpose I/O 2.0

This Windows snooper logs in real time the files that each of your open apps is using or seeking. Ideal for software installers and troubleshooters, Win-eXpose lists all file activity and also acts as a performance tool by checking for file-seeking failures. Users can then quickly diagnose and tweak obscure system glitches.

Yonat Dascalu
10 Azmaut St.
Ness-Ziona 74010
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Wordware 96

This handy Microsoft Word utility contains 60 macros, including a full suite of tools for personal productivity, project coordination, people management and file maintenance. Wordware also includes some entertaining games, such as Hangman, and a full-function CD player.

Andrew M. Freeman
PO Box 189
Holbrook, NY 11741-0189
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XTML 1.3

Convert your Excel spreadsheets into HTML tables at the click of a mouse with XTML 1.3. This Excel add-on installs itself in the Tools directory and translates font styles as well as text alignment. Users can also define a number of preferences, including input range, borders on blank cells, captions and table width.

Ken Sayward
155 Flanders Rd.
Niantic, CT 06333
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