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May 1996 Resources and Recreation

Compiled by Donna Tapellini

Top Hot Picks Game of the Month

Hot Picks

It's a Long, Strange Strip

By Donna Tapellini

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Doonesbury Flashbacks

From Mike Doonesbury's first day at college to humorous exposés of politics in the '90s, Doonesbury fans will find it all in this comprehensive collection of 25 years' worth of the insightful comic series-that's more than 9,000 strips. Browse Doonesbury Flashbacks chronologically, or find all the strips that involve your favorite character. You can also navigate by geography (using a Doonesbury map), year and political "character." Amusing animations pop up intermittently, and the musical interludes sprinkled throughout are also entertaining.
$35 (street). Mindscape, 800-234-3088, 415-897-9900.

Politics' Lighter Side

By Hailey Lynne McKeefry

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Saturday Night Live Goes Political

If all the election '96 shenanigans are making you mad, lighten up with a look back at the cream of political satire. Saturday Night Live Goes Political includes politically inspired caricatures, news briefs, sketches and parodies, and 25 games. In Newt's House, pass as many bills as possible by whacking each with a gavel.
$29.99 (street). Berkeley Systems, 800-344-5541 x100, 510-540-5535.

Stand-Up President

I never thought president Ronald Reagan was particularly funny. But put all his jokes, one-liners, anecdotes and monologues on one CD-ROM, as did the producers of Well ... There You Go Again, and a pattern emerges-Reagan was a president with a sense of humor. Also valuable is the archiving of many of Reagan's major speeches, as well as the ability to search for a keyword or topic. -DT
$49.95. Mitgang/Kushner, 800-278-3245, 408-425-4839.

Text, Lies And Videotape

By Nancy A. Lang

Political scandal was never better. With Nixon's Watergate, you'll relive the Watergate hearings through the videotaped testimony of White House chief legal counsel John Dean. Listen to excerpts of President Richard M. Nixon's speeches and pore over 16,000 pages of transcripts with the included Acrobat viewer. (Performance of the OCR software is, much like the 37th president, less than perfect.)
$39.95. PIF Warpmedia/Magnum, 800-334-2820, 818-982-0771.

Make Your Vote Count

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Vote America

Don't be an uninformed voter. Vote America can help you make a wise decision come November. Watch the candidates discuss their viewpoints on video, click through more than a dozen issues such as family values, gun control and welfare reform to find out where each candidate stands, then compare them to one another. Take a political IQ test to see if you're a pundit or just a bystander. Vote America also lets you connect to a Web site to access updated information. -DT
$19.95 (street). Virtual Entertainment, 800-301-9545, 617-449-7567.

Top Hot Picks Game of the Month

Game of the Month

Prepare to Qualify

By Ian Etra

Do you yearn for all the beeps and blips of an early '80s arcade? Microsoft's Return of Arcade takes you back to simpler times with four coin-op classics-Pac-Man, Pole Position, Dig Dug and Galaxian. From the crackling voice of the Pole Position announcer's "Prepare to Qualify" to the desolate sound of Pac-Man disintegrating, Microsoft faithfully replicates the arcade originals in Windows 95. You can even give yourself more lives-something the arcade owners would have frowned upon.
$34.95. Microsoft, 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080.

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