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May 1996 New Products

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Personal Oracle Lite

Database Lightens Up for Remote Users

Just like beer, a database can be less filling and still maintain the same powerful taste. That's the idea behind Personal Oracle Lite, a relational database designed for remote users.

Personal Oracle Lite requires less than 1MB of memory and only 10MB of disk space. Companies can deploy the database to thousands of remote users on their existing systems without upgrading hardware or memory. The small database includes Oracle Navigator, which provides a drag-and-drop GUI environment for managing database objects. Oracle Navigator first appeared on Personal Oracle7 for Windows 95.

Personal Oracle Lite is an object-related database. It supports seamless data synchronization with workgroup and Oracle7 databases. Its second release, due later this year, will incorporate Oracle7 Symmetric Replication.

Personal Oracle Lite for Windows works with Windows 95, 3.1x and NT.

Oracle Corp.
800-633-0583, 415-506-7000

Top Databases Utilities Databases In Brief Networking Networking and UPS In Brief Programming Programming In Brief


Post-it Software Notes

Notes on Your Desktop

You've seen applications that create generic electronic sticky notes. Now 3M, the company that invented the paper Post-it Notes, has introduced its own electronic version.

3M's Post-it Software Notes can sit on top of all your applications so they are always accessible. You customize their fonts and colors. Create a note right on your desktop or on a Memoboard, which acts as a file folder to store related notes. If you set an alarm, a blinking button appears on the Notepad icon at a predetermined time. You click on the button to see the alarm. The Win95 version lets you attach notes to documents, and you can e-mail notes via MS Mail or cc: Mail even if the recipient isn't running the Post-it utility.

800-330-3966, 612-733-1110

MacDrive 95

Drive Mac Files to Win95

You don't have to send Windows 95 to school so it can read and write files on Macintosh disks-MacDrive 95 will do it instead. The utility makes files on Mac disks appear on the Win95 desktop and in all your apps' Open and Save dialogs. MacDrive 95 works with Mac high-density diskettes, and removable cartridges and hard drives. It supports Zip, Jaz, SyQuest, Bernoulli, optical and CD-ROM drives.

$70 (street)
Media4 Productions
515-225-7409, fax 515-225-6370

Top Databases Utilities Databases In Brief Networking Networking and UPS In Brief Programming Programming In Brief

Databases In Brief

Don't wander around like a man marooned on a desert isle just because you have to integrate your applications with a Notes database. Prospero 1.0A works with Lotus Notes 4.0, so you can create graphical programs that integrate desktop applications with Notes databases. Prospero supports the fundamental Notes data types as well as a translation between Notes internal rich text and Microsoft RichText Format.
Oberon Software
800-654-1215, 617-494-0990

A new interface and features that take advantage of 32-bit power make Alpha Five for Windows 95 easier to use than the database's previous versions. The Control Panel now appears as a panel with eight tabbed file folders. You can access most commands by right-clicking on an object, and new features include Query-by-Form, Quick Filter, Quick Sort and Find-by-Form.

$49.95; upgrade, $29.95 (street)
Alpha Software Corp.
800-451-1018, 617-229-2924

FormWorks lets you automatically export data from Teleform forms-processing software directly into Lotus Notes. FormWorks serves as a bridge between Teleform's forms and Notes' data. It requires Teleform 4.0 and Notes 3.x and later.

Cambridge Software Group
800-792-7248, 617-577-0600

Top Databases Utilities Databases In Brief Networking Networking and UPS In Brief Programming Programming In Brief


CD Net CD ROM Servers

A Healthy Serving of CD Systems

With the right software, CD-ROMs can become powerful tools for your network users. To help users access network CD-ROMs quickly and easily, Meridian Data has introduced CD Net CD ROM Servers, CD NetROM Subsystems and CD Net 2.0 for Windows NT.

Meridian's servers and subsystems use 6.7-speed CD-ROM drives to transfer data at 8Mbps per drive. The CD ROM Servers can be configured with up to 56 drives per server and operate as standalone network nodes. With CD Net for Windows NT, you can access CDs from multiple servers through a Windows interface and share them anywhere on the network. There's no need to retrofit installed PCs with CD-ROM drives.

For NetWare networks, Meridian Data offers two other products: CD Net 1.0 for NetWare and CD NetRecord 1.0 for NetWare.

Servers, from $4,920; subsystems, from $1,415; CD Net for NT, client, $795 for 25-user license; server, $995; CD Net for NetWare, $795 for 25-user license; CD NetRecord, $995 per server
Meridian Data
800-767-2537, 408-438-3100

LANtegrity for NetWare 3.4

Widen Recovery Capabilities

You'll rest better knowing this data recovery program is working while you sleep. LANtegrity for NetWare 3.4 offers enhancements that allow you to centralize server backup and fault tolerance over a WAN as well as a LAN, reducing the chance of critical data damage during an emergency.

LANtegrity features an instant stand-in capability for remote servers. If a remote server fails, the central LANtegrity server will stand in temporarily via WAN link. A LANtegrity server can protect more than 1,000 users and will automatically take over within 15 seconds of detecting a failure.

100-user license, $4,950; 1,000 users, $12,450
Network Integrity
800-638-5518, 508-460-6670

Reflection Suites

Reflect and Connect

Whether you want TCP/IP as your only enterprise protocol or prefer to integrate it into a multihost network, there is a single-vendor connectivity solution. Reflection Suite for the Enterprise 5.6 and Reflection Suite for TCP 5.6 are Windows-based suites offering host connectivity, OLE and Visual Basic client/server tools, and Internet and the intranet access.

Reflection Suite for the Enterprise 5.6, $449; Reflection Suite for TCP 5.6, $399
800-872-2829, 206-217-7100

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Networking and UPS In Brief


If 2GB sounds like more hard disk space than you'll ever need, check out how much room 32-bit operating systems, files from CD-ROMs and Internet downloads demand. The Maxtor 72004A/AP is for those who think they can never have enough space. The 2GB, three-platter, 3.5-inch drive has an average seek time of less than 12ms and comes with either a 128Kb or a 64Kb buffer.

Maxtor Corp.
800-2-MAXTOR, 408-432-1700

Migrating to Lotus Notes 4.0? CleverManage for Lotus Notes lets you automatically distribute, install and configure Notes 4.0 client/server software from a central location. CleverManage installs the Notes client to each desktop so you don't have to manually install it from diskettes or upgrade from a file server. CleverManage for Lotus Notes 4.0 supports all Windows platforms.

10-user license, $895
207-883-3550, fax 207-883-3369


The SL Waber UPStart Uninterruptible Power Center will automatically restore and save your data during a power outage. It provides up to 5 minutes of operation during outages, and can power up your peripherals as well as your PC. This personal UPS box features dual 250 VA backup power outputs, advanced surge protection, and protection for modems and faxes. Its Electronic Bookmark software saves data and files, and restores them during reboot when the power returns.

SL Waber
800-634-1485, 609-866-8888

Top Databases Utilities Databases In Brief Networking Networking and UPS In Brief Programming Programming In Brief


Vision StoryBoard 4.0

Concentrate on Creating Code

Vision StoryBoard 4.0 lets you spend more time writing code and less time compiling documentation when working with Visual Basic 4.0. The program facilitates reporting methods and communication among team members. It captures application specifications and requirements, and generates current project documentation and training materials. Its generic messaging engine speeds your porting to new platforms and other development tools. Vision StoryBoard also lets you run multiple copies of VB 4.0 so you can work on several projects at once.

The program's SpecMaker feature captures design descriptions, testing, end-user notes and other project information. The Generate feature churns out reports, updated project documentation and complete application spec documents. Vision StoryBoard runs within the Visual Basic GUI and stores the specifications it captures as part of the VB project environment, which makes it as easy to create and maintain project documentation as changing VB code. You need Windows 95 or NT to run Vision StoryBoard 4.0.

Vision Software
800-984-SOFT, 510-238-4100

Wireless Messaging Software Developers Kit

Get the Message: No More Wires

Now you can get a leg up for your jump onto the wireless bandwagon with PageMart's 32-bit Wireless Messaging Software Developers Kit. This upgrade of PageMart's 16-bit kit lets you embed wireless messaging into Windows 95 and NT applications.

The kit lets you define integration paths for advanced one-way and two-way communications. The upgrade is available as a DLL. Among the features you can program into applications are alphanumeric and PC Card paging, unlimited page lengths and group pages.

The kit provides three levels of system debugging, user-configurable dialing and preference setting. It runs over existing one-way networks with an integration path for two-way applications, and supports message log reporting and robust modems.

800-324-7780, fax 214-987-1847


Script Cuts To the Chase

PowerScript is designed to remove much of the time and tedium from programming Windows 95 and 3.1x applications. The scripting tool enables the sequencing and automation of Windows actions, much as a command line-oriented batch language allows sequencing of commands in a single automatically executed file. Sample scripts enable full automation of multicomponent project builds in Visual or Borland C++, thus saving you from monitoring the process for hours.

Desiderata Software
800-888-7754, 617-292-5250

Top Databases Utilities Databases In Brief Networking Networking and UPS In Brief Programming Programming In Brief

Programming In Brief

Crescent's PowerPak 2.0 comes in two versions to complement Visual Basic's Professional and Enterprise editions. The PowerPak 2.0 Professional Edition includes UI components and IDE enhancement. The Enterprise Edition adds tools for accessing the Windows API as well as development, deployment and configuration tools. It also features application distribution and code compression.

Professional Edition, $699; upgrade from PowerPak Pro 1.x, $349;
Enterprise Edition, $1,399; upgrade, $699
Crescent Div. of Progress Software Corp.
800-352-2742, 617-280-3000

HOPE (Human Oriented Programming Environment) combines Internet-based development, object-oriented programming and workgroup programming in a tool that helps teams of C++ and Java programmers. HOPE treats software code as a collection of particles stored as unique objects in a database. An unlimited number of programmers can work concurrently on the same code.

$995 per seat
Aladdin Knowledge Systems
800-223-4277, 212-564-5678

JAGG is part Java and part server-engine tool that permits ODBC calls to be made from any Java applet. JAGG's Java and server-engine segments communicate to pass SQL statements from an applet to a Web server, helping to develop interactive Web applications.

$495 each single-domain server license; $395 each additional license
BulletProof Corp.
800-505-0105, fax 408-395-6026

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