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by Fred Langa

Readers give the $500 Network Computer a resounding thumbs-down.

The Explorer

by Mike Elgan

Thrill to the outlandish myths of the savage techno-tribe.

Windows at Work

by Cheryl Currid

New technology puts you in touch with your creative side.

Dialog Box

by Miss Manners

Must we tolerate the appalling lack of cyberspace etiquette?

How To

Optimizing Windows

by John Woram

Watch for the hazard signs on the road to Recovery Street.


by Jim Boyce

A powerful application is a terrible thing to waste.

Power Windows

by Karen Kenworthy

It's upgrade time, so grab your screwdrivers--and some Band-Aids.

Networking Windows

by Tom Henderson

Win95 has some security holes, but we've got the patch kit.

Programming Windows

by Martin Heller

PCs can communicate, but they still need speech therapy.


Get It on the Web

Hang up that phone! If you've got questions on Windows 95, or on any hardware or software, go online. You'll discover that online tech support is cheap, fast and informative.

A New Destination for Desktops

Gateway 2000's Destination moves the PC off the desktop and into the living room, boardroom and workgroup think tank. Here's an early look at an innovative system that mixes existing technologies to provide big-screen viewing and wireless controls at an affordable price.

Prevent a Titanic Disaster

One minute, your hard disk is cruising along; the next, you've got the sinking feeling that disaster looms. Maybe you've been losing data, or seeing erratic performance. Or perhaps things have ground to a halt. Don't send out an SOS yet. Here's how you can throw your data a lifeline, and maybe keep your PC afloat.

Twist and Shout!

Color monitors just sit on your desk and look nice, right? Not anymore. Manufacturers are adding new twists to their designs, giving you a whole new perspective.


Our bimonthly supplement delves into multiplatform enterprise networking with Windows and Windows NT clients, high-end NT computing, integrating and choosing between NetWare and NT, and much more.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

PerfectOffice 7

Corel delivers an office suite with the true Windows 95 look and feel, and a few innovative features thrown into the bargain.

HP OmniBook 5000 CTS 5/120

In the daily rat race, this 120MHz Pentium notebook can help you surge ahead of the pack.

Sys Performance Pro 200

This Pentium 200 desktop packs the power of a Clydesdale, so you can ask it to pull an unbelievable workload.

Recommended List

Check out our complete list of recommended products, including the top systems, notebooks, hardware and software.

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