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April 1996 Resources and Recreation

Compiled by Donna Tapellini

Top Hot Picks Book of the Month

Hot Picks

The Holocaust Up Close

By Hailey Lynne McKeefrey

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The Complete MAUS

If you've been touched by Art Spiegelman's two-volume MAUS: A Survivor's Tale, or you're interested in Holocaust history, you'll appreciate The Complete MAUS. The CD-ROM contains the entire contents of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Holocaust comic book, along with historical documentation, thousands of preparatory sketches, interviews between Spiegelman and his father, Vladek, and commentary from the author.

$49.95. The Voyager Co., 800-446-2001, 212-431-5199.

Plug and Play

By Donna Tapellini

Learn the rudiments of music, study the lives of your favorite composers, and then write and play your own musical works with Discovering Music. You can watch videos of more than 50 instruments being played and listen to the works of 14 great classical composers. When you've got the theory down, go to the Music Writer to create original sheet music and to the Recording Station to play with a 10-track recording studio.

$79.95. Voyetra Technologies, 800-233-9377, 914-966-0600.

View the Bird's Eye

By Nancy A. Lang

Soar through Eyewitness Virtual Reality Bird and fly away with a deeper understanding of how birds fly, eat, mate and survive. Take a guided tour of this virtual museum and watch videos of birds in flight, or take your own tour, stopping and clicking on the exhibits of your choice. Listen to birds' songs, watch their babies hatch, study their anatomy or climb into their nests.

$29.95 (street). DK Multimedia, 800-DKMM-575, 212-213-4800.

Take a Book Break

By Donna Tapellini

Corel gathers more than 3,500 literary classics-from fiction to poetry, historical documents to plays-for its World's Greatest Classic Books CD-ROM. Use highlighters to mark pertinent passages, add your own footnotes and watch footage from movies based on some of these classics. A Search Wizard helps you find the source of your favorite quotations, and links to the American Heritage Dictionary help you find the meaning of obscure words.

$24.95. Corel Corp., 800-772-6735, 613-728-3733.

Let's Play God

By Donna Tapellini

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The Planets

Create your own planet and see if it will sustain life with Scientific American Library's The Planets CD-ROM. This CD-ROM is more than a planetary simulator, however. You can tour the Planetary Museum, make a visit to an observatory or simply contemplate the heavens from various earthly points. This comprehensive library of facts, figures, images and maps of the solar system lets you view extensive film footage of Venus taken from the Magellan satellite, animate the course of planets over a given period of time, and study planetary orbits and the effects of gravity. You can also connect to The Planets World Wide Web site directly from the CD.

$54.95. Simon & Schuster Interactive/Byron Preiss Multimedia, 212-698-7000, fax 212-698-7555.

Top Hot Picks Book of the Month

Book of the Month

A New Old Favorite

By Lori Bloomer

The most thorough UNIX-based Internet guide has been completely revamped for Windows 95. The Whole Internet for Windows 95 by Ed Krol and Paula Ferguson discusses the Netsurfing experience using Win95's built-in Internet features. It also provides a catalog of useful resources, a list of service providers and tips for getting on the Net. Chapters cover real-life topics; a favorite is the one called "Finding Someone," which explains how to do just that.

650 pages. $24.95. O'Reilly & Associates, 800-998-9938, 707-829-0515.

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