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April 1996 Windows Online

Compiled by Tom Ponzo, Paul Silverman and Lori L. Bloomer

Here's How

Quick and Easy Tax Filing

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If you're like most Americans, April showers you with tax troubles. Luckily, computer technology can ease your tax-time anxieties.

The IRS Web Site at can give you the skinny on filing. Here's the fifty-cent tour of what's available:

If you're single with no dependents, you might have already received the TeleFile diskette with your 1040EZ package. TeleFile calculates your adjusted gross income and the refund or balance due, then begins the filing process right over the phone. The call is toll-free and will take less than 10 minutes. You can beat the last-minute-filing blues: Even if you file early, and owe Uncle Sam, you don't have to pay until April 15.

Use the search engine to find information on Federal/State Electronic Filing, a one-stop electronic income tax filing program that allows you to handle federal and state returns in one fell swoop. This means you save both time and money. File anytime; your check for taxes won't be cashed until April 15. If you're lucky enough to be getting a refund, it will be deposited directly into your bank account, giving you fast access to the money-with less hassle.

TAXLINK allows you to pay federal tax electronically through your bank. When you use TAXLINK, your refund will also come electronically-a big bonus if you want the money in a hurry.

Tax Facts Online

Moving to the online services, both America Online (Keyword: Tax) and CompuServe (GO: TAXES) may have electronic filing solutions for you. Both services have Adobe's Acrobat reader, and also offer Q & A forums to answer difficult tax queries.

For electronic filers, AOL has TaxLogic Online (Keyword: TaxLogic), offering short-cuts and discussions leading up to the dreaded April 15 deadline. Electronic filing can be done through AOL's Web browser.

AOL's 1996 Tax Forum includes areas to download the latest Kiplinger TaxCut software, the Investor's Business Daily tax guide, and the NAEA Tax Channel.

CompuServe offers its own electronic filing service, Kiplinger's TaxCut software, and pointers to investor forums covering tax assistance, a legal research center to answer any legal question, and H&R Block tax services. At press time, these services had not been updated to the current year.

With these sundry digital aids, tax filing should be less painful.



  1. Clock Talk 3.1, speaking alarm and more
  2. ErrorScan 1.0, bug-finder
  3. FedTaxCalc '96 3.0, tax calculator
  4. Fund Manager 1.1 for Windows 95, investment assistant
  5. Start Clean 1.1, Start Menu quick-cleaner
  6. The Zoo 1.52a, customizable program launcher
  7. ToQuicken 1.5, financial add-on
  8. VistaVue 3.0a, multimedia viewer and player
  9. Visual Calendar Planner 4.0, desktop datebook
  10. Windows Quick Boot 2.0, auto restart, boot, and exit utility

Get pricing and full product descriptions, and download the software, from our online locations. Shareware programs are also available on our quarterly CD-ROM.


A Taxing Season

If April is always the cruelest month for you, try hopping on the Web before crunching numbers on your taxes. You'll find all the resources you need to fill out your tax forms correctly and maybe even save some money in the process. pat/html/taxsites.html
Income Tax Information in Internet contains a remarkable number of worthy links. Whether you're looking for FAQs or want to file online, this resource-packed page will lift the gloom from April 15.
Tax Sites offers a microcosm of the better tax-related links, including U.S. federal and state tax codes, forms, publications and advice from national agencies and tax professionals.
You'll find a tax organizer, glossary and FAQ at J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 1996. For $29.95 you'll receive access to an online version of the best-selling book, along with a subscription to the guide's monthly tax letter.
The Quicken Financial Network extends Intuit's top-notch financial aides to the Web. From tax shelters to medical expenses, TurboTax Online offers a range of helpful hints for businesses and homeowners.
If your W2s are in dire straits, point your browser to Yahoo. The always reliable infodex offers a comprehensive list and quick descriptions of the better agencies and services online.
The 1040 Express Tax Search Engine can direct you to a wealth of digital tax forms, with pointers and links to a broad span of the Web.
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