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April 1996 New Products

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Attachmate's RLN Application Server

Speed Dial Your Remote Applications

Even when your connection is low bandwidth, you can get high performance with Attachmate's RLN (Remote LAN Node) Application Server powered by WinFrame. The new NT-based version of the RLN remote access server uses Citrix Systems' WinFrame to turn any 486 or Pentium into a high-performance application server. It lets remote users run applications on 386 PCs without upgrading their computers.

The RLN server runs applications at LAN speed over dial-up connections. Attachmate claims its new RLN runs remote applications three times faster than standard dial-up solutions. Remote users can access the Internet through Web browsers running on the RLN application server. They can also access applications without installing them at the desktop by running them on the RLN server. The node server accommodates up to 60 concurrent users.

Attachmate Corp.
800-426-6283, 206-644-4010

SyncWare 2.0

Get Exchange In Sync

SyncWare 2.0 and Agent Exchange let you synchronize Microsoft Exchange with dissimilar e-mail directories. The new SyncWare server features a streamlined GUI, enhanced rule mapping and improved network testing. You install the SyncWare server on a UNIX workstation, and include the agents on each e-mail system. At a predetermined time, the agents send address changes to the server.

SyncWare 2.0, from $4,995; Agent Exchange, from $1,995
Hitachi Computer Products (America)
408-986-9770, fax 408-980-9616

ARCserve 6 for NetWare

Friendlier Backup and Storage Service

ARCserve 6 for NetWare offers new user-friendly features. The storage management and backup software has a Windows 95-like interface, Status Wizards for easy backup and centralized administration capabilities, and disaster recovery protection. Version 6 is a completely integrated NetWare 4.1 application, and supports all Windows workstations including Win95 and NT, as well as DOS, OS/2, UNIX, Macintosh and online databases.

A running cue card application takes you step-by-step through backup and restoring tasks, and an Error Wizard automatically identifies errors. For data recovery, ARCserve 6 takes a snapshot of a server environment and synchronizes it to the backup media. It can then automatically rebuild the server from a single tape and disk with a minimal NetWare installation.

All administrative views are consolidated to a centralized location, so an administrator can manage multiple servers from a single screen.

Workgroup Edition (25 or fewer users), $795; Enterprise Edition (more than 25 users), $1,895
Cheyenne Software
800-243-9462, 516-484-5110

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NovaBack for Windows 95 backup data management software supports QIC-80, QIC-3010, QIC-3020, parallel port, and Travan TR-1, TR-2 and TR-3 drives. It lets you schedule unattended backups, backs up Windows 95 registry data and files with long filenames, and creates a boot disk and backup tapes, allowing you to recover quickly and easily from hard disk failure.

NovaStor Corp.
800-668-2786, 805-579-6700

Operating on any Windows NT 3.51 or later server, JukeMeister manages CD-ROM and erasable optical jukeboxes. Clients running Windows 95, 3.11 and NT can connect to the jukeboxes, view the media catalog, and mount and dismount media. JukeMeister supports most SCSI and serial CD-ROM jukeboxes.

From $259
Optical Technology Group
800-324-4222, 301-897-1400

With the LAN Ranger server, a remote user no longer has to be a Lone Ranger. The LAN Ranger turns a remote user into a remote node on the network. When connected, a remote user can access information from a network database, and even dial out through an attached modem to access Internet and online services.

Focus Enhancements
800-538-8865, 617-938-8088

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Revelation ViP 2.0 for Lotus Notes

Very Important Programming Tool

Revelation ViP 2.0 for Lotus Notes is a Windows 95 development tool for Notes 4.0. The 32-bit program extends the Lotus Notes environment by supporting custom graphical interfaces, event-oriented programmability, and sophisticated reporting and charting. It gives Notes applications a Windows 95 look and lets you deploy one application in Windows 95, 3.1 and NT.

ViP developers can use LotusScript 3.0, the object-oriented, BASIC-compliant scripting language delivered with Notes 4.0. You can generate Lotus-Script code by drawing links between objects. ViP lets you create Notes apps that browse, launch, edit and update Notes' rich text data. ViP offers Notes developers tree views, tabbed dialogs, image lists, list views, Microsoft RTF, progress and slider bars, and other Windows 95 controls. The program supports OLE 2.0 automation and a drag-and-drop interface for placing OLE objects into ViP apps.

$1,695; upgrade, $399
Revelation Software
800-262-4747, 203-973-1000

Source Insight 2.0

Dynamite Source Editor

Source Insight 2.0 is a C and C++ editor for Windows 95 and NT that provides up-to-date source code for programs of any size. The Dynamic Source Context Window shows global and local contextual information (the symbol's definition) when you click on a symbol, even without compiling your code. The Local Symbol Window lets you see the functions and symbols contained in a file, then click on any symbol to jump to it without having to know where it resides.

The projectwide search-and-replace and rename functions let you work across several files with a single command. You can rearrange code or use boilerplate code using the Dynamic Clips Window. Source Insight's editing tools include a customizable keyboard.

Introductory, until May 31, $249.95
Source Dynamics
206-557-3630, fax 206-557-3631

Access Developer's Toolkit

Greater Access

Get the most out of developing Access applications with the Access Developer's Toolkit for Windows 95. The package includes a royalty-free runtime distribution license, an enhanced Setup Wizard, a two-volume reference set, new 32-bit OLE controls for data outlines and spinner controls, and a redistributable set of tools for managing Access database replication. A Windows 95 help compiler and a file of Win32 API declarations are also provided.

$499 ($100 rebate for owners of previous version)
Microsoft Corp.
800-426-9400, 206-882-8080

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OLETools offers more than 100 16- and 32-bit OLE controls, including 23 data-aware controls. Use the toolkit to control tab-style windows, display data in a multicolumn list or combo box, or show hierarchical data in a tree-like structure. It lets you provide a 3-D calendar with multidate selection or play back up to 255 .WAV files.

800-777-3322, 770-516-0899

Blinker 4.0 minimizes distribution costs and network traffic, and lets you protect programs from decompilation by compressing your Windows applications so they execute directly without the need for a decompression step. The program can compress executables (.EXEs and .DLLs) for Windows 95, 3.1x and NT, and is compatible with C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, Clipper and Assembler.

$299; upgrade, $99
804-747-6700, fax 804-747-4200

Synchronize your centralized and remote databases with DataSync 3, a database synchronization and replication development toolkit for ODBC-compliant databases. The graphical environment lets you define user-specific data subsets from server databases and select sync rules to control reintegration of remote users' new or changed data. The toolkit's API is compatible with Visual Basic, C/C++, PowerBuilder and other development languages.

$1,495; runtime, $150 per seat
617-497-1376, fax 617-497-8729

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EasyFlow 3.0

Let Those Charts and Diagrams Flow

EasyFlow 3.0 takes advantage of 32-bit functionality for charting and diagramming, yet it doesn't leave Windows 3.1x users behind. The program gives you the benefit of the Windows 95 interface and features-even if you're not running Win95. It ships with the Win 32s system extension so it can upgrade 3.1x users.

The new version is geared toward Win95 and NT users, however. As a 32-bit app, it runs faster on these OSes when loading charts and libraries, as well as in screen-redraw and line-routing operations. It also takes advantage of right-clicking and drag-and-drop support. EasyFlow 3.0 includes a Quick Setup printing option, giving you the ability to print in binder, wall or single-page format.

These enhancements let you perform even complicated tasks in much less time.

New shape libraries are also included. One contains all 50 states that snap together to form a U.S. map.

$199; upgrade, $99
HavenTree Software
800-267-0668, 613-544-6035

Netopia ISDN Modem

Speed to the Highway

ISDN is the fastest way to the Internet. The Netopia ISDN Modem takes you there and gives you software to help you once you arrive. The latest addition to Farallon's Netopia family of Internet products comes bundled with IP client, PPP client and Web browser software, plus the Microsoft Internet Jumpstart Kit for Windows 95 users.

The Netopia ISDN Modem uses Multilink PPP for 128Kbps data connections for dial-up Internet or LAN hookups. The modem gives you voice, fax and data transmission on a single ISDN line with two B channels.

Besides Internet and network connections, you'll find the speed handy for transferring large graphics files.

Farallon offers an optional support program that includes service from an Internet provider and full hardware configuration. The program also helps you order the ISDN line from the telephone company.

$399 (street); support program, $99
Farallon Computing
800-425-4141, 510-814-5000

Tumbleweed Publishing

Publish or Perish

Tumbleweed Publishing Essentials lets you publish in the Envoy portable document format across the Internet, or on a network or CD-ROM title. Portable documents retain text and graphics when traveling from one computer to another. The 32-bit program includes tools for batch conversion of PostScript, EPS and PDF documents, full-text indexing and search, the Envoy 7 Viewer and a 10-user license to the Tumbleweed Viewer Extensions.

Tumbleweed Software
800-696-1978, 415-363-7022

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And ...

Anchors aweigh! Put your PCs to work on the open seas with NavTrek 2.0. The software lets you plan nautical trips and chart courses by granting access to data from marine electronic monitoring devices. NavTrek 2.0 includes 32-bit technology for improved performance when panning, zooming and loading charts. The real-time Chart Wizard lets you manage and view charts from a nautical library; these can include boundaryinstant waypoints.

$495 (direct)
Nobeltec Corp.
800-495-6279, 206-391-9131

Even the best multimedia creations go to waste if your intended audience doesn't have the time or resources to check them out. Interactive Brochure On A Disk lets you make a 10-minute interactive presentation that runs from a floppy drive or CD-ROM without installing itself on the PC. That means someone can watch your presentation right away, and the temporary data files will remove themselves when the user exits the program.

Learning Solutions
904-913-8354,fax 904-913-8032

Internet Organizer makes it easier to navigate dense documents you download from the Web. The software creates hyperlinked indexes for RTF or HTML documents. It also makes links from the index to the original documents so you can jump to the spot where the indexed item appears.

Iconovex Corp.

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