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by Fred Langa

Sneak a peek at the next version of Windows.

The Explorer

by Mike Elgan

Our architects are building a better WinMag.

Readme File

by Fred Davis

Can the MSNBC news channel achieve journalistic integrity?

Windows at Work

by Cheryl Currid

Dig yourself out of that monstrous mound of paper.

Dialog Box

by Robert Lauriston

The computer industry is full of ideas -- mostly bad.

How To

Optimizing Windows

by John Woram

Let's take another stroll down Long Filename Street.

Power Windows

by Karen Kenworthy

Climb into the director's chair and teach WinWord how to act.

Networking Windows

by Eric Carr

The final stop on our Net tour is a real thriller.

Windows NT

by John Ruley

Perl is a gem of a World Wide Web programming language.

Programming Windows

by Martin Heller

Arm yourself with interchangeable code.


Show and Tell

Make your next presentation a showstopper with a little help from our experts. Check out the contest entries submitted by our readers and see what they did right -- and what they could have done better.

"I Was an 8MB Weakling!"

Beware of fraudulent get-RAM-quick schemes for turning your 8MB PC into a Win95 powerhouse. We'll show you what works and what doesn't.

Make Vexing Video Vanish

Windows 3.11 required nothing short of black magic to install and work with graphics cards. Here's how to get up and running under Win95.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

Delphi 2.0

It's a giant step forward for 32-bit app development. Delphi supports Win95 and NT, new compiler optimizations and more.

IBM ThinkPad 760CD

This multimedia notebook might persuade you to abandon your trusty desktop system.

Hewlett-Packard Vectra VL Series 4 5/166

If a Porsche is your speed, rev up the HP Vectra VL. The 166MHz Pentium processor will wheel through a half-dozen apps in seconds.

Recommended List

Check out our complete list of recommendations for systems and software.

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