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March 1996 WinTips

Win95 Tips of the Month

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Explore with The Explorer

If you prefer the dual-pane Explorer view, make it the default. Click on My Computer and select Options from the View menu. Click on the File Types tab, then scroll down and find the Folder item in the Registered File Types box. Click on the Folder item, then the Edit button. Click on the Set Default button so Explore comes before Open on the list. Finally, click on OK, then on OK once again.

Watch Your Download Download

Double-click on the modem icon in your taskbar's "tray" (the indented area where the time appears) while online to get total connect time and file-download status.

Use Your Keyboard as a Mouse

Win95 comes with a few options designed to make it more accessible to handicapped or injured users. One of these options is MouseKeys, which lets you move your mouse pointer with the numeric keypad on your keyboard. This is useful if you're recovering from a repetitive strain injury caused by overly vigorous use of your mouse, or you have a notebook on which you don't want to install a mouse. Turn on MouseKeys by double-clicking on the Accessibility Options icon in the Control Panel; then click on the Mouse tab and select Use MouseKeys.
Adam Boc via the Internet

Turn Up the Volume!

You already know that double-clicking on the speaker icon in the Win95 taskbar tray launches the volume-control dialog, which includes controls for volume, CD, MIDI and .WAV files. But if you drag and drop the speaker icon anywhere on your desktop, you get only the master volume control. It's placed where you drop it and vanishes when you click on anything else.
Scot Wolfington via the Internet

Fast Screen Savers

If you want to instantly launch the screen saver of your choice without navigating dialog boxes, drag and drop your screen-saver files from your WINDOWS directory using the right mouse button, and make shortcuts for them on the desktop. Then whenever you want to launch a favorite screen saver, just double-click on its file.
William Gonzales via the Internet

Run, Don't Walk, to Your Favorite Site

By typing the URL of your favorite Web site into the Run dialog (Start/Run) and pressing the Enter key, you'll enable Win95 to launch the Internet Explorer--if that's your browser--and go straight to the site. For example, if you type and press Enter, you'll go directly to the WinMag Web site.

Fun with Run, Part I

If you have a folder open when you launch the Run dialog (Start/Run), Windows uses the folder as the current directory.

Fun with Run, Part II

You can drag documents and folders into the Run dialog, and Windows types the path for you. Then modify and launch with your changes.

Fun with Run, Part III

Sometimes it's hard to determine the DOS file extension of a document (Win95 does a good job of hiding that information from you). An easy way to find out is to drag the file to the Run command dialog as described above. The entire path--including the file extension--will then be revealed.

Fun with Run, Part IV

Don't forget that the four most recently launched Run commands are still available by clicking on the down arrow in the Run dialog or by using the down-arrow key.

Fun with Run, Part V

You can type the UNC path to a folder on the server (if you're on a network, of course) into the Run command line.

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