February 1996




by Fred Langa

The much-ballyhooed Network PC has no guts.

The Explorer

by Mike Elgan

Hang up the phone. You won't be needing it much longer.

Readme File

by Fred Davis

Who needs guts? The $500 Network PC will prevail.

Windows at Work

by Cheryl Currid

Office workers are breaking the ties that bind.

Dialog Box

by George Plimpton

If computers are so smart, let's see them write novels.

How To

Optimizing Windows

by John Woram

How many letters are there in a long filename?

Getting Started

by Jim Boyce

Jim "Mr. Fixit" Boyce won't leave you stranded.

Power Windows

by Karen Kenworthy

Here's what to do when your PC makes mistakes.

Networking Windows

by Eric Carr

It's not too late to make good on those New Year's resolutions.

Windows NT

by John Ruley

Our own private investigator deduces NT's installed base.

Programming Windows

by Martin Heller

Here's a way to get back to the ABCs of MFCs.

Cover Story

The Win 100 Awards

Need some sure bets for your next software shopping spree? We selected the best and the brightest from among the hundreds of products we've seen this year for our Win 100 Software awards.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

Head to Head: 200MHz Pentium Pros

The two newest Pentium Pro systems to hit the market are slick, well-built and especially appealing to cybersurfers.

pcAnywhere and Remotely Possible/32

Two remote-control veterans move into the 32-bit camp with feature-packed Win95 versions of their products.

IBM ThinkPad 365CD

When you think notebooks, you probably think IBM--and with good reason. The ThinkPad 365CD is sturdy, light and well-designed.

Recommended List

Our monthly Recommended list features the top performance, workhorse and budget models in desktop systems.

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    Our brand new supplement will delve into multiplatform enterprise networking with Windows and Windows NT clients, high-end NT computing, integrating and choosing between NetWare and NT, and much more.

    Enterprise View

    When you say "enterprise," you mean "multivendor."

    OpenGL and 3-D modeling

    Standards for 3-D graphics let software developers put their energy into building useful apps.

    Technical Workstations Increasingly Embrace Window NT

    Technical workstations increasingly embrace Windows NT.

    Windows NT / Window 95 Software Compatibility Guide:

    Take a look at how major apps--spreadsheets, word processors and desktop suites--measure up in these Windows operating systems.

    Log-in Scripts for Windows NT Server Networks

    A script by any other name... Here's how to write log-in scripts for NT server networks.

    Enterprise Administrator

    NT is no stranger in a strange land to NetWare administrators.


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