Feb 1996 New Products


New Media 28.8 Winsurfer and LanSurfer

Ride the PC Card Wave

Surf's up and price is down with the New Media 28.8 WinSurfer and LanSurfer.

The 28.8 WinSurfer, for 486 or Pentium-based laptops, has only half the hardware of previous modems. New Media calls it a "soft" modem, which means you can update the software via New Media's BBS. It transfers data at 28.8Kbps, and it sends and receives faxes at 14.4Kbps.

The LANSurfer is a combination full-duplex Ethernet LAN adapter and 28.8 modem PC Card. The one-slot card lets you use the fax modem while connected as a node on the LAN. And it lets you keep a second PCMCIA slot free. The card has a 20Mbps burst data-transfer rate. Its self-tune technology allows it to improve performance the longer you leave it inserted.

When not in use, the 28.8 WinSurfer draws no power, while the LANSurfer draws only 25 milliamps.

28.8 WinSurfer, $150; LANSurfer, $350
New Media Corp.
800-453-0550, 714-453-0100

Best Data Smart One 2834VLX

A Voice Modem? That's Smart

The Best Data Smart One 2834VLX (28.8Kbps) is the first of Best Data's LX external modem series featuring voice mail, fax and data technology.

The modem lets you record messages with a telephone handset and access them from any Touch-tone phone. The modem weighs only 7 ounces and measures only 6 by 4.25 by 1.25 inches. It uses hardware-based V.42bis data compression, and V.42 and MNP 2-4 error correction protocols.

Smart One 2834VLX ships with Cheyenne voice/data/fax software. The system accommodates up to 999 voice-mail boxes and uses password protection. The fax features include fax scheduling, remote retrieval, cover sheets and fax phone books.

$199 (street)
Best Data Products
800-632-2378, 818-773-9600

PC Beep

PC Paging With a Beep

Send text messages from your PC to any alphanumeric pager in the world with PC Beep. The software works with all pagers, pager services and modems, and is compatible with Windows 3.1 and Win95.

PC Beep sends up to 4,500 characters at a time, performs group message paging and logs all messages. You can even send data from word processing applications to the pager.

Integra Software

In Brief


Do you need more peripherals than your notebook can accommodate? The Apex Data Serial Port PC Card is a Type II 9-pin male connector that lets you connect a scanner, portable printer, external drive, trackball and other peripherals. You won't have to unplug one peripheral to attach another.

Apex Data
510-416-5656, fax 510-416-0909

Offering servers, a router and a modem card, Livingston Enterprises provides a complete family of ISDN products: the PortMaster ISDN Communications Servers, the PortMaster ISDN Office Router and the PowerLink128 ISDN Modem card for PCs with ISA buses.

Servers start at $4,690; Router, $1,195; Modem, $299
Livingston Enterprises
800-458-9966, 510-426-0770

The Diamond NetCommander ISDN integrates an ISDN digital modem with a network terminator and an analog port for telephone, fax and modem support in a 16-bit Plug-and-Play system. The ISDN modem transmits data at 128Kbps. Its AutoISDN utility software simplifies ISDN use.

Diamond Multimedia Systems
800-468-5846, 408-325-7000

Document/Image Management

Fileflo 4.0

Win the Paper Chase

Don't let your office get bogged down handling and retrieving large amounts of paper or electronic documents. Fileflo 4.0, an electronic document management program, makes it a snap to store, organize and access vital information after you scan it into your system.

Fileflo lets you store more than 650MB (about 20,000 pages) on one CD-ROM. The new version includes support for 37 additional scanners, bringing the total to more than 130. The program runs under Windows 95, and network versions are available for up to 50 concurrent users. Its new import feature lets forms-processing packages index documents automatically.

Fileflo can import electronic images or handle paper documents you put through the scanner. You index documents automatically with OCR or bar code zones, or with keyboard commands.

From $795
Scantron Corp.
800-722-6876 x650, 714-259-8887

Primax PaperEase

Scanner Included

The Primax PaperEase document management system features a sheetfed scanner that handles up to 10 documents ranging in size from 2 by 3 inches to 8.5 by 24 inches. You get black-and-white or gray-scale scans with a resolution of 100 to 400dpi.

With the PaperEase system, it's easy to archive and retrieve documents as well as edit photos and text. You can also print and fax documents from your PC.

After feeding a document into the scanner, simply drag and drop the icon on the application you want to launch. When printing, you can enlarge, reduce, crop, lighten or darken the document after dropping it onto the printer/copier icon. PaperEase then can print sorted or stacked copies.

PaperEase is compatible with WinFax and Microsoft Fax, and includes Xerox's Textbridge OCR software. The scanner is also compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, Lotus Word Pro and 1-2-3, Aldus PageMaker and other apps. The e-mail interface sends documents by Microsoft Mail and Lotus' cc: Mail.

Primax Electronics
800-338-3693, 408-522-1200

Optika Product Suite CD

It's One Suite CD

Network administrators will find it simpler to install and configure Optika's imaging, work-flow and COLD (computer output to laserdisc) software with the Optika Product Suite CD. The CD-ROM comprises all Optika software modules, including client software applications, API development toolkits and a complete line of servers. Optika software runs under Windows 95 and NT.

From $3,300 to $4,600
719-548-9800, fax 719-531-7915

In Brief

Image Management

ForReview for WorkCenter's single-view and markup capabilities integrate with the Autodesk WorkCenter technical management system. ForReview's markup tools include text,lines and objects that you can place, size, rotate and move within a CAD drawing, graphics file or word processing document.

5-pack, $999
Advanced Technology Center
714-583-9119, fax 714-583-9213

Edit and enhance photos on your home or small-office PC with Adobe PhotoDeluxe. The program's user interface guides you through the photo modification process. The Guided Activities mode helps you master various photo techniques, from removing "red eye" to creating calendars and collages.

$89 (street)
Adobe Systems
800-888-6293, 415-961-4400

PhotoWiz lets you capture, edit and organize graphical images from digital cameras, scanners, CD-ROMs and the Internet. You place an image on the program's object-oriented layout board and then edit or enhance it using the board's drawing tools.

802-326-4215,fax 802-326-4488

Mass Storage

Procom tape drives

Back It Up in a Blink

Rest assured your data is safe with the Procom LFT-DLT40G, MTD-DLT40G and TWR2-80G digital linear tape (DLT)

drives. Ideal for midrange systems, network servers and high-end workstations, these DLT drives back up 40GB at a 3MB-per-second data-transfer rate. In addition, the DLTs run for 80,000 hours without failure, while their heads last approximately 10,000 hours. Procom's CompacTape IV media averages 10,000 uses and last for up to 10 years.

The LFT-DLT40G is a single internal drive, the MTD-DLT40G is a single external desktop drive and the TWR2-80G is a dual-drive extended tower.

The DLT drives use a Reed Solomon error-correcting code (ECC) to detect and correct errors, plus a 64-bit cyclical redundancy check (CRC) for every 4KB of data. They further reduce data errors by conducting end-to-end 16-bit CRCs for each recording that overlaps with parity from a SCSI bus and internal parity from a cache buffer.

The DLT drives are compatible with NetWare, UNIX, Windows NT and OS/2 tape backup solutions. You can combine four DLTs into a raid unit for up to 160GB of data backup.

LFT-DLT40G, $8,525;
MTD-DLT40G, $8,575;
TWR2-80G, $16,875
Procom Technology
800-800-8600, x414, 714-852-1000

MountainGate Renegade

Keep Your Data Locked Up

MountainGate's Renegade is a RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks) storage system offering fault-tolerant data protection. It stores up to 42GB at transfer rates of up to 20MB per second and offers two optional removable drives.The tower's chassis holds up to ten 3.5-inch drives. Its hot-swappable drive design lets you remove and add drives while the disk array is online. The Renegade is fully upgradable and can support drive-capacity increases.

The drives support Fast/ Narrow and Fast/Wide SCSI-2, as well as 1- to 4.2GB cartridge capacities. When using the removable drives, you can download data to or upload from the RAID system.

Under $30,000 (street)
MountainGate, A Lockheed Martin Co.
800-556-0222, 702-851-9393

EZ Archive

Come into The COLD

EZ Archive software uses Computer Output to Laserdisc (COLD) processing to affordably archive more than 1 million records on 1GB--making it a good place to put your invoices, sales reports, tax forms and other electronic documents on ice.

Once your data is tucked away, you can generate multilevel document indexes with a simple point and click. EZ Archive also features copy, paste and save-as functions.

Single user, $595
EZ Image
800-677-8333, 206-840-2004


IBM PC Servers

Three Servings of Networking Fare

When choosing a network server, you want one that best matches your network's size and architecture. With that in mind, IBM released two new PC Server lines and enhanced a third.

The IBM PC Server 310 line is for standalone LANs of 12 or fewer users. The PC Server 310 is a mini-tower with a 75MHz Pentium processor, 256KB cache, 16MB of RAM and up to 12.8GB of storage. It's configured with an Ethernet network interface card and is available in PCI/Micro Channel and PCI/ISA models.

The IBM PC Server 520 line is for midsize networks; it also comes in PCI/Micro Channel and PCI/EISA configurations. The PC Server 520's RAID storage expands to 54.8GB, with 47.8GB hot-swappable. It comes with 32MB of memory, and the 520 is also available with dual 100MHz symmetric multiprocessors and 512KB of level 2 cache.

The enhanced IBM PC Server 320 series for interconnected LANs now includes models with 75MHz Pentium chips and PCI/EISA bus architecture. Each server comes with a quad-speed CD-ROM drive and the ServerGuide CD-ROM library to help setup. ServerGuide automatically installs and configures your Network Operating Systems.

PC Server 310, from $3,259;
PC Server 520, from $7,699;
PC Server 320, from $4,249
IBM Corp.
800-IBM-4YOU, 914-765-1000

Networker for Windows NT 4.2

A Neat NT Storage System

Whether you work in a homogenous Windows NT workgroup or a mixed-platform environment, NetWorker for Windows NT 4.2 can handle your storage needs.

NetWorker for Windows NT is a native NT application that protects data in client/

server-based environments. It uses NT as the host backup server. The software's integration with the Microsoft BackOffice family includes support for Microsoft's SQL Server, Exchange Server, Mail Server and SNA Server.

The app's Server Edition provides standalone backup for NT workgroups. The Network Edition is made for mixed platforms where the NT application server is configured as a storage-management server.

NetWorker for Windows NT supports NetWare 3 and 4, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2, SCO UNIX, DOS, Vines and other platforms. You can use NetWorker for Windows NT to configure an NT workstation as a central storage-management point for the entire enterprise. It creates interchangeable tape libraries based on a proprietary OpenTape format.

Server Edition, $995;
Network Edition, $1,495
Legato Systems
415-812-6000, fax 415-812-6032

EtherFast 100Base-TX Hub

Harness Fast Networks

The Linksys EtherFast 100Base-TX Hub is a 12-port, 100Mbps hub designed to help manage networks with fast workstations or multiple file servers that heavily use multimedia, desktop video, publishing or database applications. It uses five independent protection signals and 38 LED indicators to provide information about your network. The protection signals oversee auto-partitioning, data collision control and auto-polarity correction.

800-546-5797, 714-261-1288

In Brief


You don't need a dedicated file server for faxing with FaxPress NLM, a 32-bit NetWare Loadable Module. FaxPress NLM lets network users send and receive faxes independent of front-end operation systems, applications software and fax hardware. It is designed for networks with 50 or fewer users.

5-user version, $595
800-289-7555, 408-496-0474

The Dataproducts Typhoon 40 network duplex laser printer produces 40 pages per minute and up to 300,000 pages per month. It provides 300dpi or 400dpi output. The Typhoon 40 is powered by two processors, a 33MHz IDT 3081 and a 16MHz Motorola 68302. Its hard disk holds 80MB, and it comes standard with 16MB of memory.

Dataproducts Corp.
800-980-0374, 805-578-4000

AirSoft claims its Powerburst remote network node-accelerator software will cut your access time to any network application by at least half. Powerburst uses agent software loaded on a dedicated machine that interfaces with a NetWare file server.

$995 per agent, $645 for 5-pack client software
800-708-4247, 408-777-7500


Formula One 3.0 and First Impression 2.0

OCXs Ride to the Rescue

Enhance your Windows 95, 3.1 or NT programs with Visual Components' updated line of 16- and 32-bit OLE controls. Formula One 3.0 can create, import and export Excel worksheets and now supports Excel 5.0 and 7.0. It uses the Excel-style workbooks, including the tabbed worksheet interface (which supports up to 256 sheets) and 3-D cell references. This version connects to any ODBC database, offers rounding functions, and supports Modified, MouseDown and MouseUp events and cell autofill with days and dates. You validate values and place First Impression chart objects directly on the worksheets.

First Impression 2.0's 3-D charting tools provide photorealistic rendering with control over ambient and edge lighting. The new Chart Wizard takes users from data to finished graph.

Formula One, $249; upgrade, $99. First Impression, $249; upgrade, $99
Visual Components
800-884-8665, 913-599-6500


Develop Win95 Install Programs

You can incorporate a Windows 95-compliant installation program with your Visual C++ or Visual Basic application with InstallShield3. The created utility will automatically include an integrated uninstall.

The program's 200 new features include a Windows 95-style user interface, long filename support and 50 user interface objects such as dialog boxes, progress indicators and billboard support. InstallShield3 offers integrated compression, automatic creation of program folders and icons, and complete support for the 32-bit Registry and internationalization. It can create a single installation system for Win32s, Windows 95 and NT.

InstallShield Corp.
800-374-4353, 708-240-9111

ProtoGen+ Client/Server Suite

RAD Writing In C or C++

With ProtoGen+ Client/ Server Suite 5.0 you quickly develop client/server database applications for Windows, Windows 95 and NT. A RAD development tool for writing applications in C or C++ using 16- or 32-bit code, ProtoGen+ Suite offers visual database access, a forms builder, a report writer, an application management tool and a code generator.

$1,999; upgrade, $595 ($695 with hard-copy documentation)
ProtoView Development Corp.
800-231-8588, 609-655-5000

In Brief


Apex updated its MyData Control and True DBGrid control to OLE controls. A DBGrid version was included in Visual Basic 4.0. The enhanced version lets you use in-cell editing and Word-like styles, as well as input masks and automatic field translation. MyData Control for VB 4.0 provides bound controls for any data source used in VB 4.0 and can trigger VB events to provide your own data when a retrieve command is issued.

MyData, $149.95;
True DBGrid, $199.95
Apex Software Corp.
800-858-APEX, 412-681-4343

DynaZIP 3.0 will create, update, read and test industry-standard zip files royalty-free. The new version offers 16- and 32-bit OLE 2.0, VBX, DLL, VCL and database interfaces. It also runs faster and offers file-to-memory unzipping and memory-to-file zipping.

A sample shell program is provided with source code in C and VB along with a pair of diagnostic test tools.

16-bit version, $249; 32-bit version, $299; combo pack, $384
Inner Media
800-962-2949, 603-465-3216

Visual Basic meets the Internet with Crescent Internet ToolPak, high-level tools for building Internet-enabled applications and utilities. You don't need to know Internet protocols such as SMTP or HTML. The event-driven tool's OCX controls and an Internet Wizard get you up and running, and the package includes demos and example programs. The ToolPak has tools for creating mail, and using newsgroups, ftp and the Web.

Crescent Division of Progress Software Corp.
800-352-2742, 617-280-3000